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One that drafts, especially a person who drafts plans or designs or a person who composes a document.
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Noun1.drafter - a writer of a draftdrafter - a writer of a draft      
author, writer - writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)
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277) As Bressman and Gluck have noted, this substantial, but not overwhelming, response from both drafter populations is similar to the divide in the scholarly debate and may be due in part to the Supreme Court's failure to date to provide more clarity.
The BLS states that to become a drafter and designer, you need a minimum of an associate's degree in drafting.
Figure 2 presents the findings as to both the agency rule drafter and congressional drafter respondents.
To reinforce the idea that the claims are directed to a patentable invention, rather than an unpatentable idea, the patent drafter can do several things, according to Wheelock.
52) or a congressional drafter who views legislative history and
According to Alves & Vale's (2011) classification, a Drafter refers to a translator whose editing procedures consist primarily of P1 macro TUs.
While this distinction may seem like an exercise in semantics, the consequences of drafting partnership allocations in one manner or the other can be significant to both the drafter and the tax return preparer.
Malkiewich started as a legislative bill drafter in 1981 after graduating from law school.
The text also helps the drafter begin the bill or law by defining the problem involved, searching out the collateral questions, and organizing the bill.
The drafter from military-ruled Myanmar, however, has opted to leave the issue up to his foreign minister to decide, while the drafters from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam said they cannot commit because they have yet to establish their respective human rights commissions.
Detailed attention is given to the work of the main drafter of the ILCW baptismal rite, the late Hans Boehringer, and to the ILCW project director, Eugene L.
Jacob Rolls, drafter of a leading Ten Commandments amicus brief to the U.