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One that drafts, especially a person who drafts plans or designs or a person who composes a document.
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Noun1.drafter - a writer of a draftdrafter - a writer of a draft      
author, writer - writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)
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As you gain experience as a drafter, you start to put designs into the computer, usually based on what the architect or CAD designer wants done.
Prior to HTI, she worked as a drafter for Dutton-Lainson Company in Hastings, Nebraska, and a quality technician for Chief Fabrication in Grand Island, Nebraska.
* Metes and Bounds with Elevations--Vertically subdivided parcels require a three-dimensional legal description because the drafter is describing a column of air.
The world's media, top newspapers and magazines are in the right when they say US president Donald Trump is a ruthless, incendiary decision-maker and hasty policy drafter. Among all his policy decisions that he has so far made recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is at the top.
Ashley has been an Architectural Drafter and Designer for about twelve years.
But here are two of the potential traps created that were either overlooked or dismissed by the contract drafter:
(65.) It is perhaps worth noting that the one rule drafter to dissent chose "[n]one of the above," indicating that Congress does not intend for agencies to fill any of the types of ambiguities listed.
To reinforce the idea that the claims are directed to a patentable invention, rather than an unpatentable idea, the patent drafter can do several things, according to Wheelock.
(52) or a congressional drafter who views legislative history and
To do so, the authors developed several formulas to specifically identify three types of translator profiles: (1) Drafter; (2) Reviser; and, (3) Drafter/Reviser.
While this distinction may seem like an exercise in semantics, the consequences of drafting partnership allocations in one manner or the other can be significant to both the drafter and the tax return preparer.