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Noun1.drafting table - a worktable with adjustable topdrafting table - a worktable with adjustable top  
work table, worktable - a table designed for a particular task
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Away from the drafting table, Bobby's affability and naturally outgoing personality made him the ideal proselytizer for the modern Filipino architecture he was forging.
Economy minister Peter Altmaier also dismissed any prospect of a return to the drafting table.
From a drafting table in the kitchen of his apartment, Olson did topographic surveys, forest boundaries and logging roads.
It blends antiquated objects (typewriter, rotary phone, drafting table) with modern theatrical audio-visual devices, such as large projector screens (as in the photo above), which give the audience a more intimate view of the action.
Graphic designers employed such antiquated tools as a pica ruler and a drafting table to lay out the publication.
Those who draw up parts on a drafting table can testify that it's easier to create simple geometries made up of straight lines and circles, but simpler parts also eased the fabrication methods needed to produce those parts.
Instead of putting us at the drafting table, we would like that to come from you all," Schifino replied.
LOS ANGELES-RIOS Associates, an architecture and design firm based here, has turned its attention from the drafting table to the dining table with a new line of contemporary tabletop called notNeutral.
Fly, a border collie, waits in a patch of sunshine by the etching press for Blackburn to throw him a toy, and Nathan-the 13-year-old feline subject of an eponymous piece displayed in the FSU Museum in Tallanassee-snoozes amidst sketches under a drafting table.
He describes the desert as "God's drafting table for religions and lunatics." He reflects on the irony of the same loudspeakers broadcasting the Muslim call to prayer five times daily as well as sounding frequent SCUD alarms.
She remembers her drafting table was crowded into a tiny space in the basement, where armed with an Exacto knife and hot wax, she helped put the Bar Journal directory issue together by hand.