drag along

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w>drag along

vt sep personmitschleppen; to drag oneself alongsich mühsam dahinschleppen
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It was not deserted; here and there along its extent crawled certain vague and formless masses, all directing their course towards the light which flickered at the end of the street, like those heavy insects which drag along by night, from blade to blade of grass, towards the shepherd's fire.
As part of the acquisition agreement, Oaktree is allowed to offload its stake, or "drag along" the other shareholder, the Lee family, in a sale of the company, despite the fact that Oaktree does not own a majority interest.
But to A) Drag along his bemused bride Ayda Field, and B) Get on stage and murder his own ditty Angels in an impromptu trio seems a joke too far.
What can you do if you're the majority shareholder and you aren't protected by "drag along" provisions?
Some private equity investors affectionately refer to their drag along rights as their "nuclear option." On the other hand, for many business owners, a drag along right represents a Damocles sword, a threat that they may be forced to sell their business if the investor decides to drag him or her along, usually at a valuation over which he or she has no control.
At 84 centimeters (33 inches) per nail, hers drag along the ground.
No matter how lightly we pack our bags, unless we also lighten up this mind baggage we will drag along a burden that can drain our energy, dull our senses, and cut us off from others and from ourselves.
The peptides are readily taken up by cells, and they drag along material ranging from tiny protein fragments to massive molecules.
Both solutions are fine; but what if you travel frequently and don't want to drag along an external hard drive?
And seeing the White Rabbit, impeccable and late as ever, tripping across the stage in stacked heels and white dress coat with pointed tails that drag along the floor, reminded the viewer of Wilson's 1993 production of The Black Rider, with its similarly choreographed master of ceremonies (sans rabbit ears and dressed entirely in black).
With only 700kg to drag along, the car will do 0-60mph in under four seconds and a top speed of 165mph.
The media mogul is hoping to drag along former England star Gazza, but his other pals don't look quite so, um, athletic.