drag off


w>drag off

vt sep (lit)wegzerren or -ziehen; (fig)wegschleppen; to drag somebody off to a concertjdn in ein Konzert schleppen
References in classic literature ?
Agamemnon was convulsed with pain, but still not even for this did he leave off struggling and fighting, but grasped his spear that flew as fleet as the wind, and sprang upon Coon who was trying to drag off the body of his brother--his father's son--by the foot, and was crying for help to all the bravest of his comrades; but Agamemnon struck him with a bronze-shod spear and killed him as he was dragging the dead body through the press of men under cover of his shield: he then cut off his head, standing over the body of Iphidamas.
There are multiple arguments for the way you can drag off the end of the double row header.
Now, after explaining all of that, I must point out that sometimes it is still necessary to drag off at a 45[degrees] angle.
John Daly takes a drag off a cigarette as he waits to hit on the 18th hole Thursday.
The youngster - who has 70 stitches in his wounds - was saved when his dad Edward, 31, managed to drag off the dog.
Eventually a mountain lion is going to drag off and eat a small child.