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adj. drag·gi·er, drag·gi·est
1. Dull and listless.
2. Slang Very tiresome.
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adj, -gier or -giest
1. slow or boring: a draggy party.
2. dull and listless
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(ˈdræg i)

adj. -gi•er, -gi•est.
1. tending to drag; lethargic; sluggish.
2. boring; dull.
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adj (inf)anödend (inf)
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Everyone bangs on about Netflix being the place to binge-watch TV shows, but doing that with Stranger Things only makes the draggy storylines (particularly in the first third) all the more noticeable.
Flying with the bikes installed lowers the normally sedate cruise speed from about 115 knots down to 105--there is no getting past the fact that bicycles are draggy. After putting the airplane back in to Phase 1 testing (required for modifications that might change handling characteristics), we flew a full set of stalls with one bike and two, as well as with bare racks.
"I hadn't ridden the course as a 10 before, and keeping a bit more in the tank for the draggy last couple of miles will be the plan for next time."
The car has more grip, the car is less draggy on the straights, the engine is a big step better as well.
I don't mean that we should speed up Fonda, as it is the slowness and deliberate character that you have given him that make his performance swell, but I have had a feeling that at times we seem to be a little draggy as far as mood is concerned.'
Though a draggy middle section slowed down one reader, "Tess's hard-earned character arc is worth sticking around for, and will make the inevitable sequel even more satisfying" (Hypable).
In between that draggy take-up and the shot, the pull "at the wall" (i.e., just before discharge) felt about like a GLOCK with an 8-pound connector.
Pike dominates Cooper's draggy, elegant movie with a brutal performance so raw and real it sears the heart.
This gave us the Hi Power's beloved slim grip, but also created enough friction points to make the trigger pull heavy and "draggy."
Paula had a little stroke a few years back and her face was draggy on one side.
Dela Cruz hit 26 points and was adjudged as the JBL best player of the game while Draggy paced Sidlak White with 25 points.
Rarely, if ever, do you hear talk of a draggy, overly long nine-ball duck, but Jennings got quite close here.