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1. A line used for dragging.
2. A kind of dredging machine.


1. (Aeronautics) another word for dragrope2
2. (Mechanical Engineering) Also called: dragline crane or dragline excavator a power shovel that operates by being dragged by cables at the end of an arm or jib: used for quarrying, opencast mining, etc



1. a dragrope.
2. an excavating crane with a bucket dragged toward the machine by a cable.
[1915–20, Amer.]
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Scope: Procurement of this new machine represents Phase I of a project to replace the current dragline machine.
The company reported that these issues were partially offset by record production at the other five mines, underpinned by improved stripping and truck performance, higher wash-plant throughput from debottlenecking activities, and utilization of latent dragline capacity at Caval Ridge.
ProLink mechanical dragline chain link from ESCO is designed to reduce costs by extending the service life of a mine's hoist and drag chain.
Industrial auctioneers IronPlanet has beaten its sales record for the most expensive machine, by selling a Marion 7820 Walking Dragline for $3m.
Just as Spider-Man uses his web to swoop between New York City's skyscrapers, spiders use a dragline to get around and nab prey.
The custom-built Bucyrus 8750B dragline took more than two years of assembly by as many as 220 engineers and tradespeople and can dig down 80 metres.
Redundant buckets from the massive dragline excavators which once chewed up the local countryside to help meet Britain''s energy needs are being given a new lease of life as pieces of industrial artwork.
Total quantity of dragline silk did not differ significantly by sex or the presence of prey cues (Repeated Measures ANOVA: Sex = [F.sub.1,34] = 1.453 ; P = 0.2346 ; Prey Cue = [F.sub.1,34] = 0.856 ; P = 0.3506 ; Prey Cue * Sex = [F.sub.1,34] = 0.713; P = 0.4045; n = 36; Fig.
Dragline silk, the stiff, non-sticky strands used to frame the web, is the strongest of all.
PROPERTY VALUES When researchers talk about mimicking spider-silk production, they are usually referring to dragline silk.
Big Geordie is officially known as a BE 1550W ( a walking dragline excavator.
AUSTRALIA'S Cooperative Research Centre for Mining has invented a Dragline Dutymeter, which can help raise the operational capacity of a dragline by up to 25 per cent.