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n. pl. dragonfish or drag·on·fish·es
Any of various bioluminescent deep-sea fishes of the family Stomiidae, having a slender body and a large head with long sharp teeth.
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Makers at this event include UnCommon Sence, Power In One Clothing, Herbin Redwood, Native Sol, Dragonfish Handmade Goods, David Marks, Heart and Sol Designs, and Holly Jane Sews.
Lanternfish, hatchetfish, viperfish, and dragonfish are just some of the others.
Author of the noir novel Dragonfish, Vu Tran teaches English and fiction at the University of Chicago.
As a group of dragonfish enthusiasts look on, the dazzling creature energetically swims around in a long aquarium in the home of Na Sopich.
Despite these inhospitable conditions, some of the strangest creatures are found in the trench-- creatures that produce their own light such as dragonfish, amphipods, sea cucumbers, single-celled amoeba-like organisms, and of course bacteria.
The area, about a mile off the south shore of Hawaii Island, was full of fish including sawtooth eels, dragonfish and many other mysterious deep-sea creatures.
'Dragonfish' is a novel by a Vietnamese-American writer named Vu Tran who I'm going to be in conversation with right when I get back from the Philippines at the Asian-American Writers Workshop in New York.
I made the erroneous assumption that Vietnam-born Vu Tran's debut novel, Dragonfish (Norton, $26.95, 304 pages, ISBN 9780393077803), would be set in an exotic Southeast Asian locale, and I was a tiny bit disappointed to find that the exotic locales would be Oakland, California, and Las Vegas.
If you think ichthyologists don't have a sense of humor, consider the naming of Opostomias micripnus, which of course isn't funny at all but in English the name of this creature is: the Obese Dragonfish.
While Seersucker has found that less is more with Happy Hour menus, it's a different story at the Dragonfish Asian Cafe.
On Wednesday, the older of the two dragonfish, was put in a tank to choose between Poland and Greece.
Six years after the first book, Ted Naifeh has finally published Polly and the Pirates Volume Two: Mystery of the Dragonfish. After the events of the first book, Polly has settled (sort of) back into the routine at Mistress Lovejoy's School for Proper Young Ladies, but when she learns that her old friend Emperor Norton has been imprisoned for lunacy, she sneaks out and tries to round up her old pirate crew for a rescue mission.