drain away

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w>drain away

vi (liquid)ablaufen; (strength)dahinschwinden; (tension)sich lösen
vt sep liquidableiten
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They have since discovered that the brain uses lymphatic vessels to drain away waste in cerebrospinal fluid.
It will stop anything going into your gutter while allowing the rainwater to drain away.
The largely housebound pensioner's story is sadly all too common among elderly Britons relying on 15-minute visits from carers or seeing their savings drain away in care homes.
He stated, 'Considering the possible heavy rain season, it is imperative to complete the work as soon as possible to drain away all the rainwater without any hindrance.' He told the media that he was monitoring the entire project personally and also checking the pace of work on a daily basis.
He said there was urgent need to drain away the stagnant water from Lahore roads and streets without any delay.
Use pot feet to allow excess water to drain away and water sparingly during winter.
This is, I strongly believe, down to the building work that has been going on in the number of adjoining fields over the past few months, caused by rain water that is unable to drain away.
It's best done in the morning on a nice bright day so the water has a chance to drain away by the time the sun goes down.
Is it not reasonable to assume the solution is that the water just needs to simply drain away? Be that through drains that are kept clear, rivers that are dredged, gardens not paved over, flood plains not built on, sewers that are updated for the increasing housing, among many other things that are just not done any more or have been reduced.
Is it not reasonable to assume the solution is for the water just needs to simply drain away.
At the height of the flooding buildings at Porthmadog's ground were also inundated with water and they are still waiting for the water on the field to drain away.
So, no matter how many times solder is added to the joint, every time the PCB is run through the reflow oven, the solder will drain away because the PCB, including the via, is at reflow temperature.