drain away

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w>drain away

vi (liquid)ablaufen; (strength)dahinschwinden; (tension)sich lösen
vt sep liquidableiten
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Use pot feet to allow excess water to drain away and water sparingly during winter.
This is, I strongly believe, down to the building work that has been going on in the number of adjoining fields over the past few months, caused by rain water that is unable to drain away.
It's best done in the morning on a nice bright day so the water has a chance to drain away by the time the sun goes down.
Is it not reasonable to assume the solution is for the water just needs to simply drain away.
At the height of the flooding buildings at Porthmadog's ground were also inundated with water and they are still waiting for the water on the field to drain away.
So, no matter how many times solder is added to the joint, every time the PCB is run through the reflow oven, the solder will drain away because the PCB, including the via, is at reflow temperature.
This is the passage of a sterile catheter (tube) into the bladder to drain away urine.
According to the investigation, the damage was caused by sabotage, in which someone had consciously made 65,000 litres (17,171 gallons) of lubricating oil to drain away.
Just open the plugs and your water woes will drain away.
When water simply won't drain away, the RHS advises that you may have to replace the lawn with a new one, using turf laid on a 5cm (2in) bed of sharp sand, overlaid with topsoil improved by generous manuring and thorough cultivation.
Simply by keeping a well-maintained lawn, providing somewhere for water to drain away, we can all do our bit to prevent flood damage.
The new fabric works like human skin, forming excess sweat into droplets that drain away by themselves, said Tingrui Pan, professor of biomedical engineering at the school, Micro-Nano Innovations Laboratory, where the product was invented.