drain off

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w>drain off

vt sepabgießen; (= let drain)abtropfen lassen
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But, however that may be, I should expect to find the surface of the plateau slope inwards with a considerable sheet of water in the center, which may drain off, by some subterranean channel, into the marshes of the Jaracaca Swamp."
Municipality cleaning groups and fire brigade crews are working hard to drain off hospitals and kindergartens.
Always try and slope the silicone to allow water to drain off.
Drain off any fat from the chicken dish and whisk the quark into the cooking juices left behind.
When golden in colour remove from the oil, place on some kitchen towel to drain off the excess fat.
A cannula (a thin tube inserted into a vein or body cavity to administer medication, drain off fluid, or insert a surgical instrument) was inserted on hand.
'The garbage heaps have become breeding grounds for the mosquitoes and flies not to speak of the poor sewerage system which cannot drain off the sewage accumulated in the streets,' they said.
Ingredients Oreo biscuits Melted white chocolate (or you can use white candy melts) Cake pop sticks Edible pens (black and orange) 1.Dip the top of the stick in the melted chocolate 2.Stick it in the Oreo cookie and press gently so that it does not break 3.Dip the cookie in the chocolate and drain off the excess.
Our favorite feature is the spigot, which we use to drain off excess moisture as compost tea.
Grate them, then press the shavings in a sieve to drain off some of the starchy liquid.
They have called upon the DCO and TMA Administrator to take prompt steps to drain off the water so as to ensure that no such incident recurs.