drain off

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w>drain off

vt sepabgießen; (= let drain)abtropfen lassen
References in classic literature ?
But, however that may be, I should expect to find the surface of the plateau slope inwards with a considerable sheet of water in the center, which may drain off, by some subterranean channel, into the marshes of the Jaracaca Swamp.
There is nowhere for the water to drain off even if they do put young trees back and it takes years for them to mature.
Remove & Reset slabs either side to ensure acceptable levels for drain off.
Remove the mushrooms from the oven and drain off any excess liquid.
Grate them, then press the shavings in a sieve to drain off some of the starchy liquid.
They have called upon the DCO and TMA Administrator to take prompt steps to drain off the water so as to ensure that no such incident recurs.
Push the flesh through a sieve and put the mix into a muslin bag (or a tea towel) to allow any excess liquid to drain off (hang over a bowl in the fridge overnight).
Whisk the egg white until just foamy, then dip the prawns in, allowing any excess egg white to drain off.
The gate leakage and drain off currents are respectively 160 nA and 250 [micro]A at 225[degrees]C.
After they detect TNT, the plants' leaves drain off chlorophyll--the stuff that makes them green--and turn white.
The no-maintenance panels keep gear about a half-inch or more off the ground, which lets water drain off and evaporate more easily.
Place the fried squid onto parchment paper to allow the excess oil to drain off.