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v. drained, drain·ing, drains
1. To draw off (a liquid) by a gradual process: drained water from the sink.
a. To cause liquid to go out from; empty: drained the bathtub; drain the pond.
b. To draw off the surface water of: The Mississippi River drains a vast area.
3. To drink all the contents of: drained the cup.
a. To cause (a resource or supply of something) to be used up gradually and often completely. See Synonyms at deplete.
b. To fatigue or spend emotionally or physically: The day's events drained me of energy.
5. Sports To put (a ball or shot) into a hole or basket, as in golf or basketball: drained the putt for a birdie.
1. To flow off or out: Gasoline drained slowly from the tilted can.
2. To become empty by the drawing off of liquid: watched the tub slowly drain.
3. To discharge surface or excess water: The Niagara River drains into Lake Ontario. When flooded, the swamp drains northward.
4. To become gradually depleted; dwindle: felt his enthusiasm draining.
1. A pipe or channel by which liquid is drawn off.
2. Medicine A device, such as a tube, inserted into the opening of a wound or body cavity to facilitate discharge of fluid or purulent material.
3. The act or process of draining.
a. A gradual outflow or loss; consumption or depletion: the drain of young talent by emigration.
b. Something that causes a gradual loss: interruptions that are a drain on my patience.
down the drain
To or into the condition of being wasted or lost: All of our best laid plans are down the drain.

[Middle English dreinen, to strain, drain, from Old English drēahnian.]

drain′a·ble adj.
drain′er n.
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o LOM production is met using maiden 3.6Mt Probable Reserve and draws on the Measured Resource Estimate of 18.1Mt drainable SOP
Installing a drainable 'reflection pool' resulted in unforeseen problems after workmen had to dig deeper than their predecessors who built the original 1991 square.
Subsequently, there was a gradual decrease in the size of the collection, and the pigtail catheter was removed after seven days when there was no drainable collection.
At the Davis site, a small portion of the applied water for each treatment (low: 4 ft; high: 6 ft) was used to fill empty pore space in the soil profile, and as the water application progressed, water-filled pore space increased from field capacity (water retained in soil by gravity) to saturation (freely drainable water) (O'Geen 2012).
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A thyroid ultrasound was performed on day 4 to further evaluate for a drainable abscess given the concern for AST.
At this point, another CT scan of the neck with contrast was repeated to rule out any drainable collection.
Eighteen pots of soil-filled bottom drainable basins were prepared and set in an open-air environment.
Efforts should be made to minimize the complexity of cleaning by trying to make systems cleanable, sanitizable and fully drainable in place.