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Noun1.drainage area - the entire geographical area drained by a river and its tributariesdrainage area - the entire geographical area drained by a river and its tributaries; an area characterized by all runoff being conveyed to the same outlet; "flood control in the Missouri basin"
detention basin - a storage site (such as a small reservoir) that delays the flow of water downstream
retention basin - a storage site similar to a detention basin but the water in storage is permanently obstructed from flowing downstream
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Construction on the CarronValley Reservoir had started in 1935 and involve impounding the upper waters of the River Carron which had a drainage area of 9300 acres.
'We will be working along the 146.8 kilometers of the province's San Juan River Basin and the 4.7 kilometers of Maalimango Drainage Area,' he explained.
The three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy covered the esophageal tumor bed and corresponding mediastinal lymph node drainage areas, while the two-dimensional radiotherapy involved the esophageal tumor bed and total mediastinal lymph node drainage area, both using 6 MV X-ray linear accelerator.
Apart from this, DPWH Secretary Mark Villar has adopted the Integrated Water Resources Management Program which will complete and update the flood control and drainage master plans and feasibility studies of 18 major river basins (drainage area of more than 1,400 sq.
The 52-jia wetlands is situated in the Dongshan River drainage area, south of Lijegian Bridge.
To balance the computation and accuracy, FDR maps of variable resolution (30', 1/16[degrees], or 1/8[degrees]) are selected, based on the drainage area. For this study, we selected a coarser resolution when the basin had more than 1,000 grid cells at the resolution.
A 21-year-old Portland man fell about 250 feet into a creek drainage area at Crater Lake National Park over the weekend, prompting fire crews to carry him out of the area, park officials said Wednesday.
The dams operate as one system and have a drainage area of 4,192 acres.
It will include floodgates, a secant wall providing seepage cutoff, internal stormwater piping and storage, utility modifications and internal drainage area pump stations.
A topographic wetness index (TWI) can be calculated using estimates of the slope and drainage area. Wetness is a geographical phenomenon that varies continuously over space.