Drainage tube

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(Surg.) a tube introduced into a wound, etc., to draw off the discharges.

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And now it's antiseptics and drainage tubes, I suppose.
Police said she was working in the intensive care unit and two days before the incident was harshly reprimanded after misplacing an abdominal drainage tube.
Her case rests on the claim a drainage tube was left too long - four days rather than six hours - in Lorraine and re-inserted after falling on to a bathroom floor at Wishaw General Hospital.
The drainage tube was removed once the drainage was less than 10 ml/day.
Intercostal drainage tube (ICDT) insertion was the main modality for treatment in all the 95 (95%) patients with SSP.
Both ends of the catheter were secured to the unique drainage tube with a Y-connector that was connected to a bag for straight drainage (9) (Figs.
Then a perforated drainage tube (Romovac suction drain tube is used here) is put on it.
After the repair operation, the right chest was washed with diluted PVP iodine through the chest drainage tube for 30 minutes once per day to prevent infection.
0), but involved transmission through the full length of the drainage tube and catheter.
The project comprises of upgrading pumps and control panels in both pumping stations, expanding the flow chamber connected to them, resetting the drainage tube level used for emergencies and carrying out other related works,' said Murad.