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The basic lesion is represented by granulation tissue having small abscesses, sulphur granules and occasionally draining sinus tracts.
A 6-year old girl was referred to the department of Radio-diagnosis with chief complaints of swelling with draining sinus on left side of the jaw with dental caries on the same side and patient was advised for CT scan of mandible.
Differential diagnosis of a cutaneous draining sinus tract include pustule, actinomycosis, osteomyelitis, orocutaneous fistula, neoplasm (basal cell carcinoma), local skin infection like carbuncle and infected dermoid cyst, pyogenic granuloma, chronic tuberculosis, gumma of tertiary syphilis, sup- purative lymphadenitis, osteomyelitis, thyr-oglossal duct cyst, salivary gland fistula, an infected cyst and deep mycotic infection3,8.
There was also an extraoral draining sinus of diameter 6-7 mm, located approximately 3 cms distal to the corner of her mouth (Figure 1) giving an impression of sub-massetric and submandibular space infection.
This duct now drained into the gallbladder fossa, causing the collection and draining sinus.
Intra-oral examination revealed chronic abscess with draining sinus through attached gingiva in relation to 31 (Fig.
1) The pathophysiologic mechanism of sinusitis, as proposed by Messerklinger, is thought to begin with mild edema that leads to obstruction at the draining sinus ostia.