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Noun1.dramatic event - an episode that is turbulent or highly emotional
episode - a happening that is distinctive in a series of related events
night terror - an emotional episode (usually in young children) in which the person awakens in terror with feelings of anxiety and fear but is unable to remember any incident that might have provoked those feelings
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Medlock to drink a glass of beer he was on the spot--as he had hoped to be--when the most dramatic event Misselthwaite Manor had seen during the present generation actually took place.
While most people consider the audience's role in a dramatic event to be passive, current research suggests that theatrical productions are a creative event shared by actor and spectator alike, rather than an dramatization of discreet texts for passive public consumption.
On the big day itself, there's a moment of amusement when Anita and Nansi arrive wearing the same hat, but will this be the only dramatic event for the wedding party?
The spectacular and dramatic event was captured on video camera by a local patrol car in the area.
It's debatable which has been the most dramatic event to happen to them, but Janae certainly hasn't had it easy.
The dramatic event unfolded after Uhuru visited Bomet University College for the official opening of the institution's Green Tuition Block.
The criminal court issued the arrest warrant against Gulen, charging him with ordering the recent futile bid to depose the Turkish government, a dramatic event that happened on July 15.
It is of course a dramatic event which is not good, she said.
Opens Friday THE STARS Zac Efron, Paul Giamatti THE VERDICT In this alternate look at the 1963 assassination of President John F Kennedy in Dallas, Parkland revisits the dramatic event as seen by a number of characters.
The only dramatic event on the red carpet involved Lily Allen, who was late to the red carpet after going to the wrong venue.
Paul Scholes came out of retirement to feature from the substitutes' bench for the Red Devils but the return of the 37-year-old was far from the most dramatic event in a stunning derby clash, which saw City reduced to ten men after Vincent Kompany received a contentious 12th-minute red card.
Summary: The chances of a new Palestinian uprising erupting in 2010 are low, barring a dramatic event like an attack on Muslim holy places, the head of Israel's Shin Bet security agency was quoted as