dramatic performance

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Noun1.dramatic performance - the act of performing a drama; "the group joined together in a dramatic production"
performance - the act of presenting a play or a piece of music or other entertainment; "we congratulated him on his performance at the rehearsal"; "an inspired performance of Mozart's C minor concerto"
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This thought hath been carried so far, and is become so general, that some words proper to the theatre, and which were at first metaphorically applied to the world, are now indiscriminately and literally spoken of both; thus stage and scene are by common use grown as familiar to us, when we speak of life in general, as when we confine ourselves to dramatic performances: and when transactions behind the curtain are mentioned, St James's is more likely to occur to our thoughts than Drury-lane.
Expect the unexpected and Doctors' Owen Brenman (Heston Carter) should do well in Best Dramatic Performance, Emmerdale might snatch Spectacular Scene for the Bartons' car crash, Lorna Fitzgerald (Enders' Abi Branning) would make an excellent Best Young Performance winner, while Ashley Taylor Dawson and Jessica Fox from Hollyoaks might celebrate being Best On-Screen Partnership.
Speaking pictures; the visual/verbal nexus of dramatic performance.
Doctors took awards, for best single episode, best storyline, and best dramatic performance..
As well as the Soap of the Year award, which was presented by former Dallas star Linda Gray, EastEnders picked up three other top awards, including Best Storyline and Best Dramatic Performance.
Dan, from Tennessee in America, wowed the audience with his dramatic performance.
And the school commemorated its move towards the arts by enjoying a dramatic performance by members of the renowned Welsh National Opera.
An orchestra whose raison d'etre is to play for opera combined with a conductor whose CV reveals widespread operatic experience was bound to mean that a suite from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet ballet score would receive a satisfactorily dramatic performance.
The hottest Zafira's dramatic performance is underlined by stunning styling, which includes massive 18-inch alloys and a honeycomb grille on the outside and Recaro sport seats in two-tone leather/fabric inside
Best Dramatic Performance - Kazia Pelka (Chrissy Costello) - Family Affairs
The only award the players probably don't want to be in contention for is the Gwyneth Paltrow Award, selected by our physio, Les Parry, which is for the best dramatic performance of the season.
Irene Hultman Allstars performs her lively work, which mixes wacky movement and dramatic performance in surprising ways.