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Noun1.dramatic production - the act of performing a drama; "the group joined together in a dramatic production"
performance - the act of presenting a play or a piece of music or other entertainment; "we congratulated him on his performance at the rehearsal"; "an inspired performance of Mozart's C minor concerto"
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Numerous artists, directors, writers and dramas makers will be participating in the honoring ceremony, in addition to public figures interested in drama making, Presidents of national media councils and directors of satellite channels, along with representatives of relevant ministries and entities supporting human rights and a number of representatives of dramatic production companies.
The world-renowned Moscow Ballet "La Classique" comes to Manila to demonstrate their continued quality of dance and performance in a dramatic production of Swan Lake, a timeless favorite set to Russian composer Tchaikovsky's superb score.
That's why he's attempting to wield a stiletto, not swing an axe, each charge backed up by what he calls "documents that are irrefutable" - hence the dramatic production of a cheque apparently signed by Trump (the alleged refund for paying off Stormy Daniels).
The school reportedly canceled its dramatic production of 'Aladdin, Junior,' magic lamp and all.
It's a great musical, and if you miss this dramatic production at Civic Center Music Hall downtown, you should be ashamed.
Dramas on MBC MASR include Silsal Al Dam , considered one of the most popular dramas of recent times, and Khifat Yad , where Comedian Bayoumi Fouad appears in his first dramatic production this year.
The workshops aim to develop the participants' abilities to express the content of plays and capture the personalities of theatrical characters -- an essential part of any dramatic production.
We appreciate Pia's 'MMK' episode's teaching and inspiring point-but, as a dramatic production, it was generally limited by 'motherhood' statements that made it pat and predictable.
English Youth Ballet: Giselle Tyne Theatre English Youth Ballet presents an appealing and dramatic production of Giselle, set on an English country estate with an 'upstairs downstairs flavour', about a young girl who is betrayed by the Prince Albert who is also engaged to Lady Bathilde.
Detroit, MI, June 07, 2016 --(PR.com)-- "Of all my professional and personal accomplishments," says playwright Tonia Nia Blu Williams, "this work of dramatic production is the one I am most proud of.
Intrepid also earned dramatic production and ensemble awards for All My Sons.