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Of that story I will only say that it struck many people by its adaptability to the stage and that I was induced to dramatize it under the title of "One Day More"; up to the present my only effort in that direction.
To give the effect of this scene it is necessary to dramatize it, and to picture Mademoiselle Cormon occupied in pouring out the coffee of her imaginary suitor, with her back to the fireplace.
Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said Duterte's tale was only meant to 'dramatize' his message and make the crowd laugh.
Panelo, in his statement, reduced Duterte's story to only a "laughable anecdote" which he said the President made up to dramatize his bad experience with a priest many years ago.
The movie will also dramatize the formative years of Bruce Lee in the 1950's.
Dramatize faces - If you dramatize names and faces with memorable images, you'll increase your chances of remembering the name.
Cline's purpose in this series is to dramatize America's founding:
In response to the second question, the essay argues that contrary to a common misconception, not all Dutch books dramatize incoherence--some dramatize a less blameworthy sort of epistemic frailty that the essay calls "serf-doubt." The distinction between Dutch books that dramatize incoherence and those that dramatize serf-doubt cross-cuts the distinction between synchronic and diachronic Dutch books.
Someone needs to dramatize how unfair and regressive this tax is, falling heaviest on working people.
To dramatize the supposed urgency of the disarmament program, police raided a home in Gloucester and proudly brandished their trophy, a five-foot, crescent-shaped, two-handled artifact breathlessly referred to by the Sun as "a martial arts sword capable of beheading a man." The object, in fact, was a replica of the "Bat'leth" swords used by Klingon warriors on Star Trek.
The pilot, who is from Michoacan, says he undertook the trip to dramatize the need for Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.
Instead, Meek's work reflects a quiet joy, a soothing reflection that refuses to dramatize or exaggerate a world recognizable in its acknowledgment of common wonder.