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 (drăm′ə-tûrj′, drä′mə-)
1. A writer or adapter of plays; a playwright.
2. often dram·a·turg (-tûrg′) A person who is employed by a theatrical or opera company to assist in researching, selecting, adapting, or interpreting scripts or libretti.

[French, from Greek drāmatourgos : drāma, drāmat-, drama; see drama + ergon, work; see werg- in Indo-European roots. Sense 2, from German Dramaturg, from Greek drāmatourgos.]
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1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) Also called: dramaturgist a dramatist, esp one associated with a particular company or theatre
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) Also called: dramaturg a literary adviser on the staff of a theatre, film corporation, etc, whose responsibilities may include selection and editing of texts, liaison with authors, preparation of printed programmes, and public relations work
[C19: probably from French, from Greek dramatourgos playwright, from drama + ergon work]
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or dram•a•turg

(ˈdræm əˌtɜrdʒ, ˈdrɑ mə-)

a specialist in dramaturgy, esp. a consultant to a theater or opera company who advises on repertoire.
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Dans cette optique, de nombreuses pieces de theatre inspirees des oeuvres de grands ecrivains et dramaturges marocains dont [beaucoup moins que]Hikayat Bila Hodoud[beaucoup plus grand que] puisee dans l'oeuvre de l'ecrivain syrien Mohamed Al Maghout, [beaucoup moins que]Boughaba[beaucoup plus grand que], inspiree de l'oeuvre de Bertlod Brecht (1989), [beaucoup moins que]Contes sans frontieres[beaucoup plus grand que] (1987), [beaucoup moins que]Les Fous sont parmi nous[beaucoup plus grand que] (1990), [beaucoup moins que]Le Soleil se meurt[beaucoup plus grand que] (1993), [beaucoup moins que]Les Beaux jours[beaucoup plus grand que] (1994), [beaucoup moins que]L'Oiseau de nuit[beaucoup plus grand que] (1997) et d'autres oeuvres feront le tour des scenes et centres culturels du Royaume.
The public service TV broadcaster RTVS edited out the sex scene in which Kronerova used olive oil as a lubricant.Psychologist Hana Sevikova saw the full film on Czech TV and says she does not understand the decision of Slovak dramaturges in RTVS.
So, English teacher Stephanie Svarz and senior Molly Holcomb have come onboard as dramaturges, or literary editors.
Pou sa part, l'Ambassadeur tunisien a passe en revue un certain nombre d'activites et les occasions culturelles aux quelles ont participe des d'ecrivains et dramaturges soudanais en Tunisie pour renforcer la communication culturelle entre les deux pays.
Maestro's most recent monograph makes to the field is a theoretical framework through which Cervantes's under-appreciated drama can be assessed as an important part of his literary oeuvre and, furthermore, Cervantes can be viewed as an innovative ancestor to many modern dramaturges. Unlike the Calypso so aptly mentioned in the title, it can now remain un-eclipsed by its heroic consorts.
La puissance douce de l'Egypte Parmi les dramaturges qui ont obtenu le prix de distinction litteraire, on peut citer Mohamed Abol Ela El-Salamouni.
Si le theatre est selon Clarke un lieu de symposium pour les dramaturges afro-canadiens, il est, aux yeux de Joanne Tompkins, un << espace diasporal >> oU s'entrelacent le national et l'extra-national, un espace prolonge d'appartenance pour un groupe diversifie et interculturel d'Africains-Canadiens.
ELY, MINN.: While the Republicans had their convention in the Twin Cities this past summer, dramaturges Liz Engelman and Michael Bigelow Dixon inaugurated their own creative sanctuary.
A little more research reveals that operatic dramaturges emerged in Germany in the 18th century, where they were often called upon to revise librettos and to serve as what we would today call stage directors.
Lloyd instituted the practice of dramaturges who work as go-betweens between director and playwright." As you know, the relationship between playwrights and dramaturges is rather delicate.
Speaking on Stage deserves to be widely read and discussed, especially by regional dramaturges lining up plays for next year's season.
Laalej etait l'un des dramaturges qui savait ecrire le personnage du ''ruse'' qui peut changer la donne et creer des situations comiques a travers ce genre de personnages.