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 (drăm′ə-tûr′jē, drä′mə-)
The art of the theater, especially the writing of plays.

dram′a·tur′gic, dram′a·tur′gi·cal adj.
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Adj.1.dramaturgic - relating to the technical aspects of drama


Of or relating to drama or the theater:
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On the one hand, the Opera Studio performed titles that enriched the repertoire in dramaturgic terms (e.
From early days Gervais developed an "in-depth dramaturgic back-and-forth" with Murphy that made it easier for him to understand the characters and write them in music.
By turning it into a primary voice in the score, "there is a flow, a dramaturgic continuity.
Nonetheless, a couple of dramaturgic moves in the play reveal some degree of resistance to the idea that Rome--and, by extension, London--could be rid of their Blackamoors.
Similarly, the first few minutes of the film relate the mysterious death of the wife of the tenant farmer Felder in the sawmill, a "work accident" whose dramaturgic status remains enigmatic.
Opera singers and dramaturgic producers, acting teachers and stylists, and the like don't understand the popular music of Eurovision culture and it is sometimes almost funny to hear them making their judgements.
Erstaunlich ist, dass die Dramaturgic der "Friedensverhandlungen" allgemein geteilt wird und die Unterschiede der Aussagen sich lediglich auf die Einschatzung des gegenwartigen Standpunkts der Verhandlungen und damit des "Friedensprozesses" beziehen.
Plausible as the predestination argument may be in historicist terms, it is highly implausible in dramaturgic terms.
20) Smith insists that punishment is as much about poetics as power; his is a dramaturgic, semiotic, and religious theory of punishment where its material architecture is simultaneously the domain of mythology.
A look at the female spectator in the Indian dramaturgic tradition may help put the female audience's sentiments and perceptions vis-a-vis the male "narrators" into perspective.
Yet the report clearly offers a sense of dramaturgic tension that is not rooted in the linear sequence of the slides, but rather in the composition of images with different moods as well as in the multimodal interaction between images, words and songs.
Pseudolus--'der Blender': Bemerkungen zur Dramaturgic und Komik des Plautus.