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 (drăm′ə-tûr′jē, drä′mə-)
The art of the theater, especially the writing of plays.

dram′a·tur′gic, dram′a·tur′gi·cal adj.
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Adj.1.dramaturgical - relating to the technical aspects of drama
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Of or relating to drama or the theater:
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In a press release by AUB, it said: "Hosted by the Theater Initiative at AUB and the Department of Fine Arts and Art History, DLM aims to bring forth the voices of Mediterranean countries on an artistic level and create a place for directors from all over the world to exchange knowledge and ideas and come in touch with the artistic and dramaturgical heritage of the Mediterranean area.
Jordon identifies the many dramaturgical and screenwriting tropes in each work by contemporary Irish playwright and screenwriter McPherson.
Meanwhile, the attraction of many military, naval or air force contexts for drama, fiction and film derives, at least in part, from the dramaturgical potential of the relatively self-contained worlds of the services: their camaraderie, shared danger and intense relationships.
At moments the work is even reminiscent of Berg's Weimar period masterpiece in its textural density and dramaturgical power.
Though the first two nights invite the wider public to witness this dance form, experience it and learn, "the performances are targeted towards an audience that wants to see something new in Cyprus, dance theatre disguised under the hip-hop umbrella, staged with dramaturgical tools.
Stephanie Svarz, an English teacher at Conant, first incorporated dramaturgical research into Conant's production of "Fiddler on the Roof."
After the Janacek, Sekera performed Mozart's Nine Variations on a Minuet by Jean-Pierre Duport K 573 This was an excellent dramaturgical decision--after the dark and depressing Janacek, the theme of Mozart's variations lit up like a sun from the very first notes.
Professor Umukoro said all three plays have high literary qualities of effective dialogue, good dramaturgical structure, skilful handling of suspense, and credible characterisation, which have seen them through to this stage of the competition.
Boston University is the BEST place to study dramaturgy (or directing w/ a dramaturgical eye).
Levin's dramaturgical work had been formative for generations of Israelis.
Loquasto is repeatedly referred to as a "dramaturgical designer"--initially explained as a designer "who gives a director a visual machine for moving the play's action forward" (a bit generic as isn't that in part the definition of a designer?), and only halfway into the book is the term more fully defined.