drawing table

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draw′ing ta`ble

a table having a surface consisting of a drawing board adjustable to various heights and angles.
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Noun1.drawing table - a worktable with adjustable topdrawing table - a worktable with adjustable top  
work table, worktable - a table designed for a particular task
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The QSTA isn't the only new commercial supersonic passenger jet on the drawing table right now.
"But fret not, we still believe this event is good for the Philippines and we will press on to deliver it, albeit, we have to go back to drawing table.
Cllr Juarez said: "These plans have been ill thought out and should be taken back to the drawing table and moved to a different location on the city's outskirts such as the Baltic area, London Road or Leeds Street."
'Our story is simple, though unfortunate, we are ready to go back to the drawing table. Our commitment is unshakable, our loyalty is unalloyed.
If it cannot, the agreement may fall apart and each side will be forced back to the drawing table on resolving the Idlib crisis.
I made my pilgrimage to the master's museum in Springfield, Massachusetts, and grinned widely, like a Zable, when I stood in front of his drawing table. I'm the sort of chap who knows that it's pronounced Zoice, not Soos, which is a fact you should mention often if you'd like to prune your social circle to a minimum.
At the meeting, residents and officials of the Mining Company will go back to the drawing table to decide tangible projects that will benefit the citizens.
However, Cabral was quick to clarify that the idea of renting space in private schools is still on the drawing table. "We're just giving you an idea that one the possibilities on addressing congesting in classroom due to lack of buildable space," he said.
Zecchin broke away from the traditional and precious Murano designs, still entrenched in a long-faded 18th-century reverie, and returned to the drawing table, looking at earlier, mainly Renaissance models.
Some of the most satisfying are self-portraits of Doyle at his drawing table. Once he begins his position at Punch, Doyle realizes that he has less time to devote to his weekly assignment for his father.
Jartos works almost completely digitally, drawing on what is essentially a big digital drawing table.
More likely than not, his drawing table had a Colt Cobra or .357 Trooper on it.