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A knife with a handle at each end of the blade, used with a drawing motion to shave a surface. Also called drawshave.
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(ˈdrɔːˌnaɪf) or


n, pl -knives or -shaves
(Tools) a woodcutting tool with two handles at right angles to the blade, used to shave wood. US name: spokeshave
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n., pl. -knives.
a carpenter's knife with a handle at each end at right angles to the blade, used by drawing over a surface.
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Noun1.drawknife - a woodworker's knife to shave surfacesdrawknife - a woodworker's knife to shave surfaces
knife - edge tool used as a cutting instrument; has a pointed blade with a sharp edge and a handle
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If you'll be harvesting trees from your land for lumber or firewood, you'll need to use a drawknife to peel the bark.
You'll also need a skinning knife or a drawknife, which you can purchase from a sporting goods store, and a fleshing knife, which you can source from a taxidermy supply business.
Appears to be a shop-made drawknife missing handles.
Half-meter log samples, cut from the main bole through mid-crown, were examined for adult emergence holes, and outer bark and phloem were removed with a drawknife to examine larval galleries (Fierke et al.
We left him there as the drawknife of dusk peeled back the world.
"We can learn about science without ever lifting a book, if you want to understand cellular grain structure in wood - here is a 100-year-old drawknife, if you want to understand hydrodynamic lift and drag - grab an oar and let's go."
With a drawknife, the craftsman shaved the limb's midsection to a circumference small enough to grasp.
Boone has all of Bumppo's skills but he is the pure European afoot in a strange new world west of the colonies, Shawnee territory that later became Kentucky, which he conquers with a drawknife and the occasional musket ball.
77 86 Doopoco Enterprises 26 Drawer Box Associates 99 32 Drawknife Billiards 52 Dwyer Cabinetry Inc.
I had to build a shaving horse and use a drawknife to debark.
Mainly I use the felling axe, snedding axe, side axe, saws, billhooks, slasher, froe or riving axe, adze and a drawknife. I prefer to use the traditional tools as there is less noise and no pollution.
Students used a frow to split a wood shingle, a river to break out the shingle, and the shaving horse with a drawknife to smooth it.