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Noun1.drawstring bag - a bag that is closed at the top with a drawstringdrawstring bag - a bag that is closed at the top with a drawstring
bag - a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"
drawing string, drawstring, string - a tie consisting of a cord that goes through a seam around an opening; "he pulled the drawstring and closed the bag"
duffel, duffel bag, duffle, duffle bag - a large cylindrical bag of heavy cloth; for carrying personal belongings
moneybag - a drawstring bag for holding money
seabag - a cylindrical drawstring bag used by sailors to hold their clothing and other gear
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IN AN attempt to encourage drivers to be more vigilant about security over the Christmas period, RAC Auto Windscreens has launched a free Safe Sack - a drawstring bag designed to hold valuable items so they can be concealed in a handbag or briefcase before being removed from the car.
The small white box inside a velvet drawstring bag was printed with the name of Liverpool funeral director Peter Coyne.
Five lucky winners will each receive a family ticket to see the newly- released film plus a T-shirt and drawstring bag.
The frightened woman gave him her denim drawstring bag, which contained her Nokia mobile phone and other items, and the gunman escaped, possibly towards Coat of Arms Bridge Road.
The goodies keep on coming from Monday-Friday with Toy Story 3 goody-bag items, including drawstring bag, goggles, frisbee, keyring AND giant Toy Story 3 poster.
The Safe Sack, a bright orange drawstring bag, has been launched with the dual aim of bringing home the reality of car crime and acting as a reminder to keep valuables out of temptation's way.
The first three winners pulled from the postbag after the closing date will win a copy of Pokemon, A Monkey's Tale and a drawstring bag and t- shirt.
Then from Monday July 19 until Friday July 23 we've got exclusive Toy Story 3 gifts including drawstring bag, goggles, frisbee, keyring AND giant double-sided Toy Story 3 poster, all FREE.
We are giving you an England flag, car flag, face paints, window sticker, keyring, bottle opener, badges and England supporters' drawstring bag to keep them in - everything you need to cheer England to victory against the world's best in South Africa.
The festive bags contained a variety of basic necessities and festive items, which included rice, canned razor clams, biscuits, bottled drink, energy drink, 3-in-1 coffee, cream crackers, pain relief patches, shower foam, comb, clutch wallet, colouring book, towel, drawstring bag, Mandarin oranges and a copy of The New Paper.
Deluxe is priced at P950 and includes a drifit shirt, headlamp, race bib, color packet and a finisher's medal while the Rockstar Kit, which is priced at P1500, comes with a drifit shirt, headlamp, race bib, color packet, finisher's medal, drawstring bag and a foldable water bottle.
Rockstar Kit (P1,500) comes with a dry-fit shirt, sunglasses, race bib, color packet, finisher's medal, drawstring bag, and headwear.