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1. Transport by dray.
2. A charge for transport by dray.


a. the act of transporting something a short distance by lorry or other vehicle
b. the charge made for such a transport


(ˈdreɪ ɪdʒ)

1. conveyance by dray.
2. a charge made for it.


the fee charged for the use of a dray.
See also: Dues and Payment
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The parties have agreed to jointly develop and market zero emissions Class 7 and Class 8 heavy-duty electric vehicles for use in on-road short haul drayage applications.
For more information or to schedule an interview contact George Lawson at Lawson Drayage, Inc.
This is the first dividend declared by the company, which has been offering truckers' auto liability and related coverages to intermodal drayage firms throughout the United States since its inception in 2003.
The heavy-duty electric short-haul drayage truck -- the first of its kind at any port worldwide -- can pull a 60,000-pound cargo container at a top speed of 40 mph, and has a range between 30 to 60 miles per battery charge.
In November, the ports approved a clean trucks regulation that will ban old, dirty drayage trucks from the ports.
Established in 1997, KTI coordinates and manages truckload, LTL, drayage and intermodal shipments for small-to-large companies throughout the United States.
Pilot Program is the First Approved Technical Advancement Project Under the Clean Air Action Plan and Will Study the Use of Ultra-Clean, Electrically-Powered Tractors for Short Haul Container Drayage
Even in today's competitive marketplace, we see steady activity from the casino, gaming, convention and drayage industries, as well as from tenants with interests in supporting these sectors," Hayden added.
mainline track from Jacksonville to Miami and provides intermodal drayage services at terminals located in Atlanta, Jacksonville, Ft.
Tenders are invited for Zero-Emission Class 8 Drayage Truck Demonstration.
From its earliest days, the development has attracted a wide variety of casino, gaming, convention, and drayage tenants, in addition to companies that provide services within these industries.
Tenders are invited for drayage or Hauling of Voting Machines.