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A dreamlike scene or picture having surreal qualities.

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The show is produced by Bela and Dreamscape Digital.
But it is a new year and Locsin is all smiles that the Dreamscape production unit of ABS-CBN took her in and gave her this much-needed boost in her career.
ISLAMABAD -- An exhibition of 'dreamscape' 2018 by renowned artist Muhammad Atif Khan started here at Tanzara Art gallery on Thursday.
The Maryland firms honored were Accella, Adventure Web Interactive, Aluxion, Apollo Matrix Inc., Bates Creative, Digital Management Inc., Dreamscape Marketing, HeyPayless, Inflash, Mindgrub, Orases, Product Savvy Consulting LLC, Simpalm, SmartLogic, and Wood Street Inc.
We can trace the descent of "dreamscape" businesses from Chanel, to Ralph Lauren (Bronx-born Ralph Lifshitz, peddling a dream world of polo-playing WASP privilege), through Tory Burch, directly to Ivanka, whose brand, which she announced last week was shutting down, employs both her full signature and an initial insignia, although her logo feels rather unmemorable.
By bringing the piece to the mall, "Zoo" producer Dreamscape Immersive -- it counts Steven Spielberg among its investors -- hopes it has cracked a major challenge bedeviling the emerging form of entertainment known as cinematic VR.
Located in Westfield Century City, the experience is provided by Dreamscape Interactive, a start-up funded by Stephen Spielberg and various other Hollywood giants such as 21st Century Fox, Nickelodeon, AMC Entertainment, and Warner Brothers.
Summary: Majid Al Futtaim has made a strategic equity investment in Dreamscape Immersive, with the intent to take the VR offering global.
Theater chain AMC Entertainment is leading a $20 million investment round in interactive virtual reality startup Dreamscape Immersive.
Hause described the creating of his work saying: "'DreamScape' (the art) and 'Convergence' (the video) started with using subject matter, characters, and image sequences obtained from my own dreams and nightmares to create my own mythology that was based upon these images.
And as part of the new Brooklyn-Paris Exchange, the wily duo Company Wang Ramirez intertwines opposites in a dreamscape of feints and head spins in their Monchichi.