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also Dream·time  (drēm′tīm′)
The time of the creation of the world in Australian Aboriginal mythology: "Aboriginal myths tell of the legendary totemic beings who wandered across the country in the Dreamtime ... singing the world into existence" (Bruce Chatwin).

[Translation of Aranda (Pama-Nyungan language of central Australia) aljerreŋe, in the dreamtime : aljerre, dream + -ŋe, from, of.]


1. (Non-European Myth & Legend) Also called: alchera or alcheringa (in the mythology of Australian Aboriginal peoples) a mythical Golden Age of the past
2. informal Austral any remote period, out of touch with the actualities of the present



(among Australian Aborigines) the ancient time of the creation of all things by sacred ancestors.
Also called the dreaming.
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Although in mainstream Australian English so-called 'Dreamtime stories' are typically introduced with the words 'long ago in the Dreamtime', or the like, in Aboriginal languages Dreamtime stories may or may not begin with explicit temporal expressions like these.
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