(driːx) ,




dialect Scot dreary
[Middle English dreig, drih enduring, from Old English drēog (unattested); see dree]
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A dreich Dundee day was partly responsible, but there was more to it than just that.
"Hamish's work reflects the ever-changing vitality of the scenery, the weather and the wildlife here so well, and has the ability to brighten up even the most dreich of summer days."
There's a saying that if it rains on Fair Friday, it'll be pretty dreich for the rest of the fortnight.
Rainy days and Fridays David Faunce Smith took this dreich yet atmospheric the last day of May in Clarendon Place, Stirling
The wind eventually pickedup and with the it came some pretty damp and dreich weather for the middle-group of starters, but some good scores were recorded.
Dumfries and Galloway Pensioners for Independence, Yes Dumfries and English Scots forYes brightened up a dreich Saturday in Dumfries last weekend.
On a dreich day in Airdrie, thanks to Storm Deirdre, coping was largely the plan in the first half as we looked to stop Arbroath getting through a packed midfield.
In Scotland we have been known for dreich and dour films and I wanted to tell a story full of life and colour.
The dreich Scottish weather didn't stop the fun as Renfrewshire Carers' Centre held a fundraising event.
Not since Mel Gibson yelled 'Freedom!' in Braveheart have the chilly and dreich (gloomy) Highlands looked so awesome.
Unlike my own student days in dreich Glasgow spent cramming and working the tills at the local supermarket.
Dreich weather I detest you, but you will not beat me.