(driːx) ,




dialect Scot dreary
[Middle English dreig, drih enduring, from Old English drēog (unattested); see dree]
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On a cold and dreich afternoon, Stirling warmed their fans with the opening goal after 10 minutes.
With the touch of an app, Christmas can be delivered to your door - but Amazon don't light up your local street on a damp, dreich day.
Even though we paid a visit on a damp, dreich Monday in November, it was still heaving.
in Braveheart have the chilly and dreich (gloomy) Highlands looked so awesome.
Unlike my own student days in dreich Glasgow spent cramming and working the tills at the local supermarket.
Dreich weather I detest you, but you will not beat me.
When the weather was dreich and the wind blowing from the east, it was the best place in town to hide away.
I'm absolutely certain that if we lived in a warm climate instead of the damp, dreich surroundings we've grown up with, our young people wouldn't be getting wrecked every night.
The 36-times capped DR Congo ace admits he knew nothing about Scottish football and has been less than impressed with the dreich start to life in his new surrounds.
It looks great and the very friendly staff did their best to compensate for the dreich weather outside with their sunny dispositions.
THANK goodness, amidst the dreich, dank, grey, miserableness that is snow, and in the post-festivity lack-of-fitness slump, that for half an hour, once a week, I can retreat to my bed, hide under my duvet and watch the glorious Miranda.
Hunter Boots Ltd's sales almost doubled during this year's dreich summer compared with last year.