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also drei·dl  (drād′l)
A toy similar to a spinning top used in games of chance played by children and adults at Hanukkah.

[Yiddish dreydl, from dreyen, to turn, from Middle High German dræjen, from Old High German drāen.]
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(Judaism) a four sided spinning top, played with chiefly by children during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah
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(ˈdreɪd l)

n., pl. -dels, -del.
1. a four-sided top bearing Hebrew letters, used in a children's game traditionally played on Hanukkah.
2. the game itself.
[1925–30; < Yiddish dreydl=drey(en) to rotate, turn (< Middle High German dræ(je)n, dræhen; compare German. drehen) + -dl n. suffix]
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"The greatest heroes are those who do their duty in the daily grind of domestic affairs whilst the world whirls as a maddening dreidel."
The cultural items displayed were divided into five categories: Festivities (Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Christmas, and Hanukkah), clothing (caftan), cultural objects and symbols (kinara, dreidel, menorah, Santa Claus, Christmas tree), food (potato latke, fruitcake) and actions (to pray).
Families of kids up to fifth grade are invited to learn about the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah through stories, music, food and the dreidel game.
Along with the lighting of the menorah, Hanukkah is celebrated by children by playing a game that involves spinning a dreidel, a four-sided top with Hebrew letters on each side.
Learn How to Play Dreidel: A dreidel is a four-sided spinning top with a Hebrew letter printed on each side.
In addition to lighting candles in a menorah, customs associated with the holiday include eating potato pancakes and other foods fried in oil, eating chocolate coins, and gambling for pennies with a special top called a "dreidel." A dreidel has four flat sides.
In this title, the reader learns how to create a Dreidel, Star of David, and Hanukkah cards among other things.
Fun ideas: While we ate latkes made by Eleanor and her dad, we played a fun Hanukkah game with a dreidel, a top with four sides that say Nun, Gimel, He, and Shin.
"Congratulations to all the Scouts who came together to break the world dreidel spinning record," National Jewish Committee on Scouting Chairman Bruce Checkoff said in a statement.
Created "to make Jewish literacy accessible to everyone interested in learning," according to its site, its animated videos are all about the basics: what to expect at a Jewish funeral, how to say a blessing over your children, how to play dreidel. It also publishes weekly parsha videos, as well as videos on Talmud, Psalms, Prophets and other texts.
A young boy dances in his chair, clasping a dreidel. Bubbe holds a gift.