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Tulliver, stroking her dress down, "I've seen what riches are in my own family; for my sisters have got husbands as can afford to do pretty much what they like.
A West Midlands gents outfitters has attacked Arthur Andersen for allowing staff to dress down.
Firms headed by women are also more likely to have adopted a dress down policy at 23 per cent compared with 18 per cent of male owner-managers.
Bank of Scotland researchers contacted 1,000 businesses across the UK and found that 20pc of manufacturing companies and 27pc of professional firms have dress down policies.
Come to think of it, maybe that bank should hang onto dress down Friday.
Attending one of the many showbiz ceremonies that our soap stars have to go to, Brookie's Sean (below), who plays moody Barry Sloane, wanted to dress down for the glittering occasion.
It gives me a chance to dress down rather than wear jewels and long gowns.
Dress down with beaded sandals or up to the sky in sexy high wedges.
HUNDREDS of pupils at schools in Coventry and Warwickshire threw uniforms aside for the Air Ambulance Dress Down Day.
Then as the new Millennium approached, the party atmosphere continued with the introduction of the dreaded dress down days where staff could go straight from the office to the pub.
The 35-year-old hates the English Rose image which shot her to fame and likes to dress down at home.
The consultants claimed the figures showed the trend to dress down in offices had fallen over the past year.