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Noun1.dress hat - a man's hat with a tall crowndress hat - a man's hat with a tall crown; usually covered with silk or with beaver fur
chapeau, hat, lid - headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim
man's clothing - clothing that is designed for men to wear
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"Other dress hat makers charge at least $400," he said.
LOOK, ZRED YUM Reveller in rose dress OUT IN 3FRONT Girl in saucy dress HAT TRICK n Pink and black
DANCE CRAZE Kerry making a point in blue dress HAT'S LOOK, NO BLIND PASSION: the masked star
Taupe dress hat, pounds 39.50; grey bead necklace, pounds 15, both Autograph@Marks & Spencer.
FLOWERS and weddings go together like bread n'butter - combine the two in headgear with Beyond Retro's vintage floral dress hat, below left, pounds 18.
In the summer my pappy always wore a dilapidated dress hat around the farm, usually straw, but sometimes an old felt hat with a series of holes cut around the crown for ventilation.
The service ended with Cpl Gardiner's medals, dress hat and the Union Flag being handed over to his family.
Technically, not every WWII-era dress hat was a fedora, but the most common dress hats were close cousins of it.
Mrs Rowlinson was wearing a three-quarter length turquoise mac, a cerise furry dress hat - similar in style to a bowler hat - casual black trousers and black shoes.
A HALLOWEEN reveller was murdered because he dared confront a gang of yobs stealing his girlfriend's fancy dress hat.
Many farmers wore a dilapidated old dress hat, no longer fit for church, in the winter, and a broad brimmed straw hat in the summer, although my father and uncle wore "shop caps." Of course I wore a shop cap when I reached the age of 8 or 10, as I wanted to be "like Dad." Sears said these caps were "Sturdily made of WASHFAST cotton fabrics ...