dressed to kill

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Adj.1.dressed to kill - dressed in fancy or formal clothingdressed to kill - dressed in fancy or formal clothing
clad, clothed - wearing or provided with clothing; sometimes used in combination; "clothed and in his right mind"- Bible; "proud of her well-clothed family"; "nurses clad in white"; "white-clad nurses"
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Since their formation in 1990, they have given attention to even the Kiss tribute Dressed to Kill finest detail as paramount: wearing replica costumes, using authentic instruments, and even having tattoos done which each respective member of Kiss has on show.
The Dressed to Kill exhibit at Domicillo Design Hotel in Tagaytay City (tel.
Dellsperger has worked from Dressed to Kill twice before--notably in Body Double 15, 2001, also shown here.
In Dressed to Kill, the phrase "cake or death" came to life, while in Definite Article, the origins of a can of dog food left those watching with tears running down their faces.
WOMEN who walk into an interview with a tight-fitting white top, black bra underneath, showing their cleavage and wearing too much jewellery are probably dressed to kill their chances of getting a job, according to new research.
So who was dressed to kill and who was just frocky horror?
Dressed to kill in a bottle green number, the 23- year old was gushing about her necklace, a present from her mother.
Bridge, 29, was soberly suited in grey check but Ms Perroncel was dressed to kill in skin-tight black trousers, black jacket and five-inch black stiletto shoes.
Dressed to kill, with all the skills to do exactly that in abundance, she's a fantastic character to get hold of and do some serious damage with in a game that leans heavily on the production team's Devil May Cry influences, but still creates a vibrant new world that will blow you away.
Compiled to accompany the exhibition Henry VIII: Dressed to Kill at the Tower of London, it is a splendid work of scholarship as well as being richly illustrated, with essays by leading Henrician scholars on such aspects of the reign as 'Faith and Politics', 'Technology and Innovation', 'The Tournament and Henry's Sporting Interest', plus contributions on dress and fashion, injury and disease, Henry's army and nay}; his armour and his legacy.
A horned helmet presented to Henry VIII by Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian 1, part of the Dressed to Kill show