dresser set

dress′er set`

a set of toilet articles, as comb, brush, and mirror, for arrangement and use on a dresser or vanity.
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It is on each piece of a dresser set that belonged to my great-grandmother.
It also had a wireless, a reading lamp, a Welsh dresser set with blue and gold china and a well-filled bookcase containing many miniature versions of Beatrix Potter's best-sellers, including Jemima Puddleduck.
The bedroom includes a built-in wardrobe, an ensuite bathroom with a shower and a vanity dresser set.
Selections include a bed and dresser set built from dry-erase material that children can draw on, a "princess" set and an industrial-looking set that includes a dresser designed to resemble a mechanic's tool chest.
Glen, my long suffering hair dresser set to with his usual lighting speed and half an hour later I walked out with perfectly cut hair.
For those into "reflecting" on beads, there is the Beautiful Beaded Mirror and Beaded Dresser Set.
Former Solmek employee Gary Dresser set up a new company, Hymas Geoenvironmental, in 2001.
Additionally, a Vanity ensemble includes a mirror, a three-piece dresser set and a perfume bottle or ring holder.
Along the way, Chubb's Antiques Roadshow has uncovered a host of amazing finds, ranging from an Indian chief's blanket uncovered this year at the Tucson show and appraised at $350,000 to $500,000, to a nineteenth century dresser set worth $250,000.
Items will be done in silver with a touch of porcelain and will include a dresser set, mini baby tea set, jewelry items such as hair clips, and a collectible Christmas ornament -- "mainly things that lend themselves to birthday items, such as silver candleholders for a cake and tea sets.
Croscill Home Fashions' assortment ranges from Canterbury, resembling an antique dresser set with a brushed-pewter finish, to Edge, a modern, cast aluminum group.
The company made combs, dresser sets, bracelets, toys and other items.