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adj. dress·i·er, dress·i·est
1. Requiring or characterized by formal dress: a dressy occasion.
2. Formal or elegant in style: dressy shoes.
3. Given to wearing formal or expensive clothes: dressy professionals.

dress′i·ness n.
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A longline sweater dress lets you dial the dressiness up or down according to your mood: wear it with tights and over-knee boots (the style of the season), over skinny jeans at the weekend or tuck it into a leather skirt for work.
Although she appears comfortable in her slouchy boots - a necessity when spending hours trawling the shops, especially during the Christmas period - she's stepped her outfit up a notch in terms of dressiness by adding clunky bangles and statement earrings.
Not sure what to expect, I wore a salwaar kameez (tunic and pants) and was still a little unprepared for the dressiness of the occasion.