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v. drib·bled, drib·bling, drib·bles
1. To flow or fall in drops or an unsteady stream; trickle: Water dribbled from the leaky faucet.
2. To let saliva drip from the mouth; drool.
3. Sports
a. To move a ball or puck by repeated light bounces or kicks, as in basketball or soccer.
b. To advance by dribbling: dribbled down the court.
1. To let flow or fall in drops or an unsteady stream.
2. Sports
a. To move (a ball or puck) by dribbling.
b. To hit (a baseball, for example) so that it bounces slowly and low to the ground.
1. A weak, unsteady stream; a trickle.
2. A small quantity; a bit.
3. Sports The act of dribbling a ball.

[Frequentative of obsolete drib, alteration of drip.]

drib′bler n.
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Noun1.dribbler - a basketball player who is dribbling the ball to advance it
basketball player, basketeer, cager - an athlete who plays basketball
2.dribbler - a person who dribbles; "that baby is a dribbler; he needs a bib"
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"


[ˈdrɪbləʳ] N (Sport) → driblador m


(Sport) → Dribbelkünstler(in), Dribbler(in) m(f)
he’s a terrible dribbler (baby)er kleckert ständig (inf)
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Himself a very good dribbler, Taha said that the game increases the speed and team game.
Comfortable on the ball, Varesanovic is a keen dribbler, likes to take on opponents and is highly-rated in his homeland.
30sec with Joyful Dribbler three and a half lengths back in third.
Messi's girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo, 28, was also out in the Spanish sun with their star dribbler, one-year-old Mateo.
On Saturday, there is a family-friendly fundraising event at Pollokshields Playhouse in Glasgow from 2pm-7pm featuring DJs Dribbler, Wilba, David Barbarossa, Samantha Bagg, PVK, Natalie and Govanhill voices.
However, Three Lions boss Roy Hodgson has backed the winger to prove his worth this summer, as has fellow Jamaican-born dribbler Barnes.
Swift dribbler Sanullah netted the opener in 63rd minutes and added the second two minutes later.
He also has an eye for goal, makes intelligent runs, can drift inside and he is an excellent dribbler.
Suarez is more a player who goes on the flanks and is more a dribbler.
He is a good dribbler and can take you on in the one-on-one situations.
However, Sport24 reports that Holland urged Mata to follow the example of Ronaldo, who has evolved as an individual in his three-year period working with Mourinho, adding that Ronaldo has become has become a top-level match winner who wants to make runs in behind and to threaten the goal along with being a talented dribbler.
Coach Rowsom beat Coach Koussay Hatem with his nine-man rotation this time, drawing 42 points from his starters and 29 from the rest of his bench with each fielded dribbler chipping in four points or more.