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Noun1.dried apricot - apricots preserved by drying
dried fruit - fruit preserved by drying
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Caught in the pinch with a part sack of rice and a few pounds of dried apricots, rice and apricots was his menu three times a day for five days hand-running.
Hill-food is very simple, but with buckwheat and Indian corn, and rice and red pepper, and little fish out of the stream in the valley, and honey from the flue-like hives built in the stone walls, and dried apricots, and turmeric, and wild ginger, and bannocks of flour, a devout woman can make good things, and it was a full bowl that the priest carried to the Bhagat.
Of the 137 projects received, 4 were selected: a red and grey granite processing plant in Talas Oblast, an organic dried apricot production plant in Batken Oblast, an Internet provider, a metallurgical silicon production plant in Jalal-Abad Oblast.
Kaisia is a special kind of apricot grown in the area around the villages of Deftera and Psimolofou, south of Nicosia, but other kinds of dried apricot work just as well.
According to a survey, roasted gram is being sold in the city markets for Rs 280-320 per kg, varieties of almonds for Rs 300-450 and 1400/kg, pistachio with and without shell for Rs 1,800 and 2,600/kg, respectively, walnut with and without shell for Rs 600 to 1400/kg, cashew for Rs 2200/kg, dried-up dates for 200-300/kg, pine-nut (chilgoza) with and without shell for Rs 4,000-8000/kg, peanut for Rs 320/kg, dried apricot for Rs 600 while dried fig (Anjeer) was being sold for Rs 1,200 per kg in the open market.
It had Jallab or rose flavoured date syrup, Kamarudin, that is dried apricot orange blossomed water, Qamar El Deen or dried apricot juice, Tamar Hindi, that is tamarind syrup, and the ubiquitous laban.
Khoshaf Ingredients: Dates Dried apricot Prunes (dried plums) Figs Water Qamar El-Din (A concentrated juice prepared from dried apricot) Nuts and fresh fruit cut to pieces (if needed) Khoshaf Recipe: 1.
Add the dried apricot pieces to the water and keep in the refrigerator for 24 hours to soak.
Barrel 33 is aged three years in oak; the nose offers sweet and savory scents like clove, allspice or pear with additional notes of baked apple, dried apricot and tobacco leaf.
Turkey is the leading producer of apricots in the world, producing a mammoth 795,000 tons annually (2012 figures), and a staggering 95 percent of Turkey's dried apricot production is based in Malatya.
Almonds are being sold at Rs.500 to 650/kg, currants Rs.500 to 600/kg, dried apricot at Rs.400 to 500/kg, almond without shell at Rs.1,000 to 1,200/kg, pine nut (Chilgoza) at Rs.3,000 to 3,500/kg, peanut at Rs.220 to 250/kg (Rs 1 = $0.01 US).