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Third person singular present tense of dry.
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adj. dri•er, dri•est, adj.
1. free from moisture or excess moisture; not moist; not wet.
2. having or characterized by little or no rain: the dry season.
3. characterized by absence, deficiency, or failure of natural or ordinary moisture.
4. not under, in, or on water: to be on dry land.
5. not now containing or yielding water or other liquid; depleted or empty of liquid: The well is dry.
6. not yielding milk: a dry cow.
7. free from tears: dry eyes.
8. drained or evaporated away: a dry river.
9. desiring drink; thirsty.
10. causing thirst: dry work.
11. served or eaten without butter, jam, etc.: dry toast.
12. (of bread, rolls, etc.) stale.
13. of or pertaining to nonliquid substances or commodities: dry measure; dry provisions.
14. dehydrated.
15. (esp. of wines) not sweet.
16. (of a cocktail) made with dry vermouth, esp. a relatively small amount.
17. characterized by or favoring prohibition of the manufacture and sale of alcoholic liquors for use in beverages: a dry state.
18. free from the use of alcoholic drink; sober.
19. plain; bald; unadorned: dry facts.
20. dull; uninteresting: a dry subject.
21. expressed in a straight-faced, matter-of-fact way: dry humor.
22. indifferent; cold; unemotional: a dry answer.
23. unproductive: The greatest of artists have dry years.
24. (of lumber) fully seasoned.
a. (of masonry construction) built without fresh mortar or cement.
b. (of a wall, ceiling, etc., in an interior) finished without the use of fresh plaster.
26. to make dry; free from moisture: to dry the dishes.
27. to become dry; lose moisture.
28. dry out, to undergo detoxification after drug or alcohol abuse.
29. dry up,
a. to cease to exist; evaporate.
b. Informal. to stop talking.
c. (in acting) to forget one's lines or part.
30. a prohibitionist.
31. a dry area.
[before 900; Middle English; Old English drȳge; akin to Middle Dutch drōghe, Old High German trockan; compare drought]
dry′a•ble, adj.
dry′ly, adv.
dry′ness, n.
syn: dry, arid both mean without moisture. dry is the general word indicating absence of water or freedom from moisture, which may be favorable or unfavorable: a dry well; a dry bath towel. arid suggests intense dryness in a region or climate, resulting in bareness or in barrenness: arid tracts of desert.
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