drill down

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drill 1

a. An implement with cutting edges or a pointed end for boring holes in hard materials, usually by a rotating abrasion or repeated blows; a bit.
b. The hand-operated or hand-powered holder for this implement.
c. A loud, harsh noise made by or as if by a powered tool of this kind.
a. Disciplined, repetitious exercise as a means of teaching and perfecting a skill or procedure.
b. A task or exercise for teaching a skill or procedure by repetition: conducted an air-raid drill; a drill for learning the multiplication tables.
3. The training of soldiers in marching and the manual of arms.
4. Any of various marine gastropod mollusks, chiefly of the genus Urosalpinx, that bore holes into the shells of bivalve mollusks. U. cinera is destructive to oysters.
v. drilled, drill·ing, drills
a. To make a hole in (a hard material) with a drill: a bit for drilling masonry.
b. To make (a hole) with or as if with a drill: drills holes in trees with its chisellike bill.
2. To strike or hit sharply: The batter drilled a single through the infield.
a. To instruct thoroughly by repetition in a skill or procedure: drill pupils in grammar.
b. To infuse knowledge of or skill in by repetitious instruction: drilled the correct spellings into the students' heads. See Synonyms at teach.
4. To train (soldiers) in marching and the manual of arms.
1. To make a hole with or as if with a drill.
2. To perform a training exercise.
Phrasal Verb:
drill down
To view data or other information at a more detailed level: business software that allows users to drill down from annual to monthly sales figures.

[Obsolete Dutch dril, from drillen, to bore, from Middle Dutch drillen; see terə- in Indo-European roots.]

drill′er n.

drill 2

1. A shallow trench or furrow in which seeds are planted.
2. A row of planted seeds.
3. A machine or implement for planting seeds in holes or furrows.
tr.v. drilled, drill·ing, drills
1. To sow (seeds) in rows.
2. To plant (a field) in drills.

[Perhaps from drill, rill, from Middle English drille, sip.]

drill 3

Durable cotton or linen twill of varying weights, generally used for work clothes.

[Short for drilling, alteration of German Drillich, from Middle High German drilich, threefold, fabric woven with three threads, from Old High German drilīh, alteration (influenced by drī, three, -līh, adj. suff.) of Latin trilīx, triple-twilled; see trellis.]

drill 4

A large monkey (Mandrillus leucophaeus) of west-central African forests, having an olive brown body and a brightly colored face and resembling the mandrill.

[Possibly of West African origin.]

drill down

(intr, adverb) to look at or examine something in depth: to drill down through financial data.

w>drill down

vi(in die Tiefe) bohren; we kept drilling down until we hit oilwir bohrten bis wir auf Öl stießen; we drilled down 500 feetwir bohrten in eine Tiefe von 500 Fuß
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By combining the powerful customer insights of the Salesforce[R] CRM platform and SplashBI's multi-level drill down capabilities, users have reported experiencing a 65 percent increase in pipeline visibility and a 35 percent faster closing rate.
Summary: President Donald Trump will drill down on Russia's "malign activity" during summits with NATO allies and President Vladimir Putin, U.S.
I am a big fan of drillable financial statements and reports as they enable readers to drill up, drill down, or drill around to instantly view supporting or related data.
Permission was granted in Wrexham in 2009 to drill down at Sun Lane, Bowling Bank, and in 2010 at Hollybush Lane, Penley, to look for shale gas.
MP Mark Pawsey was able to drill down to some of the issues facing British industry when he visited an award-winning company in his constituency.
The latest ActiveReports Server release includes all 1.x features, such as: advanced interactive support for reports with page headers and footers; display of useful report information within the report such as page numbers and report name; the ability to combine multiple text fields into one report column; interactive drill down within grouped data and drill through from one report to another; and interactive drill-down tables that are still interactive when the report is saved to Excel format.
Our previous solution was clumsy and returned very poor results, with no user control to drill down into them."
One is to drill down through the Topics and Subtopics from the contents bar.
Northern Petroleum Ltd wants to build an oil rig near Leigh Park in Havant and drill down 6,000ft.
Features of the Avaya IQ solution include reporting tools, easy customization, standard reports, and dashboards that support monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) with cross tabs, drill down and roll up capabilities for easy analytics.
Features include wizards, navigation aids, templates, drill down capabilities from district to schools to classrooms, and the ability to monitor the progress of long-term strategic success and action plans.
If you drill down to the car and truck segments, Lexus leads in four segments, Toyota four, and Honda three.