drill hole

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Noun1.drill hole - a hole or passage made by a drilldrill hole - a hole or passage made by a drill; usually made for exploratory purposes
mining, excavation - the act of extracting ores or coal etc from the earth
excavation - a hole in the ground made by excavating
shot hole - drill hole for a charge of an explosive
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The results from drill hole (RMZ11-23) have confirmed the same two significant zones that were intersected by the Company in drill hole RMZ11-21.
report that microscopic examination of both drill hole cores has shown the kimberlite to be the peridotite type and to contain all the minerals associated with diamondiferous kimberlites including pyrope-almandine and pyrope garnets (that is, G-9 through G-11 garnets), ilmenite, chrome diopside, phlogopite and spinel in a mass of olivine, pyroxene, calcite and serpentine.
Samples of the drill core from the first drill hole have been separated, with a portion of the core being assayed locally by an independent lab under the supervision of the Luoyang Gold Bureau and portions of the remaining core sample have been selected for submission to the Chemex Laboratory in North Vancouver, Canada for further testing by Mr.
Mina Rica #7 drill hole was drilled 200 metres to the north of Mina Rica#4 and intersected 157 metres (from the surface) grading 0.
Fifteen (15) drill holes have been completed at the Brauna 3 pipe, totaling 1,768 metres of core, 1,083 metres of which are kimberlite.
Following the completion of the holes at M2 an exploration phase of drill holes are planned to test regional exploration targets identified by a Geotech VTEM survey flown by Mustang in 2005.
Golouma East - One drill hole, (SAB06-04), is underway as an initial test of an extensive IP geophysical target with an associated geochemical signature partially masked by lateritic cover.
One diamond drill hole was completed to a depth of 1191 ft on the northern portion of the McClusky project.
Note that the historic drill hole database consists primarily of logs for which gamma equivalent uranium grades were calculated, a typical and reliable exploration practice for these types of deposits.
A diagram of the surface channel sample locations and first two drill hole locations is provided in a report on the above results, with diagrams, and is available at www.
Twenty-three drill holes totaling over 4,100 metres were drilled prior to 2001 by International Taurus Resources Inc.
Drill hole TBM-03 was located at the NW end of the gold soil anomaly, and cut a strongly weathered, clay-rich interval containing massive gossan zones in the upper 10 meters of the hole, and then passed through the brittle reverse fault at 10.