drink away


w>drink away

vt sep fortunevertrinken; sorrowsim Alkohol ersäufen
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Government rules restrict anything more than 100ml going in your hand luggage, which means you sadly cannot take that bottle of water or cola through security, which can be frustrating when you have to throw your drink away.
Downstairs, barflies Joe and Duffy (played by co-writers Craig Cash and Phil Mealey) drink away their lives, corrupt cops call in for free whiskies and miserable regular Tommy graphically details his IBS (irritable b***d syndrome, as Ken says).
With no properly arranged place to stay, they must find a way to ensure shelter, food and drink away from home in the intense, grueling heat of the Jordan Valley," said B'Tselem, an Israeli human rights center in a report on army eviction of families for exercise reasons.
Among the features and benefits of "Sipping Skinny: Drink Away the Pounds" by nutritionist Cherie Calbom are: No expensive meals to buy.
According to a custom among Korean train drivers, those involved in these incidents join co-workers in a nighttime binge on the same day in an attempt to drink away what they witnessed.
The 31-year-old claims the driver then turned off his engine and refused to drive until either he had chucked the drink away or got off the bus with it.
He said: "Before, the police would come on the bus and just take any drink away and that would be then end of it.
EASTENDERS Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri BBC1 Alcoholism is an ugly disease and even those in recovery are always just one drink away from spiralling back into addiction - as Phil Mitchell proves this week when he hits the bottle in a big way.
The bar and restaurant's new-look area will give guests the chance to eat and drink away from the busy atmosphere of the downstairs bar and will also be available for private hire for events of up to 130 people.
Mrs Knight said she poured her drink away when her husband wasn't looking.
It discusses his turbulent yet supportive marriage and the bad boy image that never left him, but enabled him to drink away his money and health.
For a pre-match drink away supporters tend to gather at the Riverside (Station) Hotel, which as the name suggests is next to the river and the station.