drink up

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Verb1.drink up - drink to the last drop; "drink up--there's more wine coming"
drink, imbibe - take in liquids; "The patient must drink several liters each day"; "The children like to drink soda"
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يَشْرَبُ كلَّ الكَأْس
drikke op
utolsó: az utolsó cseppig üríti
drekka í botn, klára úr glasinu
içip bitirmek

w>drink up

viaustrinken; drink up!trink aus!
vt sepaustrinken
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(driŋk) past tense drank (draŋk) : past participle drunk (draŋk) verb
1. to swallow (a liquid). She drank a pint of water; He drank from a bottle.
2. to take alcoholic liquids, especially in too great a quantity.
1. (an act of drinking) a liquid suitable for swallowing. He had/took a drink of water; Lemonade is a refreshing drink.
2. (a glassful etc of) alcoholic liquor. He likes a drink when he returns home from work; Have we any drink in the house?
drink in
to take in eagerly. They listened eagerly, drinking in every detail.
drink to / drink (to) the health of
to offer good wishes to, or wish well, while drinking. to drink someone's health; Raise your glasses and drink to the bride and groom.
drink up
to finish by drinking. Drink up your milk!
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