drinking fountain

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drink·ing fountain

A device equipped with a nozzle that provides a stream of drinking water for public use.

drinking fountain

a device for providing a flow or jet of drinking water, usually in public places

drink′ing foun`tain

a water fountain that ejects a jet of water for drinking without a cup.
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Noun1.drinking fountain - a public fountain to provide a jet of drinking waterdrinking fountain - a public fountain to provide a jet of drinking water
fountain - a structure from which an artificially produced jet of water arises

drinking fountain

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I and the artilleryman, seated on the step of the drinking fountain, made a very passable meal upon what we had brought with us.
Hardly ever did he pass through his barn without paying homage to his own progressiveness and oozing approval of the mechanical milker, driven by his own electrical dynamo, the James Way stanchions with electric lights above, the individual drinking fountains at the head of each cow, the cork-brick floors, the scrupulously white-washed walls, and the absence of odor, with the one exception of sweet, fermented silage.
Perhaps we could also have a new drinking fountain in Market Place and re-introduce them to every park where they once provided a free thirst quenching service before anyone thought of bottling water as a niche fashion accessory.
Charles P Melly opened Liverpool's first free drinking fountain in 1854.
Foresters pub in Raglan Street TWO pub buildings, a water pump and a drinking fountain are among six things which have been 'locally listed' by the council to protect them from redevelopment.
About 850 fixtures were tested across the district, including each sink tap and drinking fountain bubbler fixture, and that significantly added to the number of sources that were sampled, McGillivray said.
Drinking fountain for Shia Muslims, and a place for them to learn symbolic epic uprising Hussein and put water in the world Khorramizadeh live events.
HISTORIC structures from a drinking fountain to a cast iron direction sign have been nationally listed in a heritage boost for Tyneside.
Part of a plan by the New York City Economic Development Council (NYCEDC) to create a "new, sustainable blueprint for the city's more than 500 miles of shoreline," WNYC Transmitter Park has a long, zig-zagging recreational pier, a footbridge that spans the tidal pool that was once a boat slip, and an ultra-green 2030 Drinking Fountain.
These manufacturers represent top level quality products in the drinking fountain and floor machine industries.
A DRINKING fountain put up in memory of a former Midland vicar over 125 years ago is to be restored to its former glory.
stooping at a handicap-accessible drinking fountain, I'm Mr.