drinking song

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drink′ing song`

a song of hearty character suitable for singing by a group engaged in convivial drinking.
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Noun1.drinking song - a song celebrating the joys of drinkingdrinking song - a song celebrating the joys of drinking; sung at drinking parties
song, vocal - a short musical composition with words; "a successful musical must have at least three good songs"
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Jasper, still walking in the centre, hand to shoulder on either side, beautifully turns the Refrain of a drinking song, and they all go up to his rooms.
No, I have given up poetry, except now and then to write a drinking song, some gay sonnet or some innocent epigram; I compose sermons, my friend.
In a few moments every spring had its jovial knot of hard drinkers, with tin cup in hand, indulging in a mock carouse; quaffing, pledging, toasting, bandying jokes, singing drinking songs, and uttering peals of laughter, until it seemed as if their imaginations had given potency to the beverage, and cheated them into a fit of intoxication.
In no way wearied by his sallies on the road, he was in the drawing-room before any of us; and I heard him at the piano while I was yet looking after my housekeeping, singing refrains of barcaroles and drinking songs, Italian and German, by the score.
Almost every one of her ethnographic respondents remembered the following, a Yiddish drinking song repurposed to celebrate khaver Stalin:
Listen out for The Drinking Song, which subsequently became famous.
On "McCormack's Wall," he mumbles a world-weary drinking song, a tribute "to all the good Samaritans/Whoever found us in the dark.
A DRINKING SONG On the album 'Promenade' (1994) One moment he's listing his favourite authors ('The Booklovers'), the next he's getting the beers in and being a little silly.
The last night before we left to record in Woking we had a practice, and Jamie made reference to a recurring joke we had about writing a drinking song.
The Brindisi remains the best known drinking song in opera, whilst Un Di Felice is a beautiful duet.
It is a drinking song, it turns out, but a very upper-crust drinking song, ''To Anacreon in Heaven,'' which pays tribute to a high-end gentleman's club in London.