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As I waited to meet a friend after work, seated next to a cute bicycle, sipping a nice Loire Sauvignon and listening to the drippingly Gallic jazz of Paris Combo, I really hoped this place would be good.
Back then, it was just another drippingly satirical example of what we've come to love most about the site, but today the words have become as darkly comedic as they are eerily true.
The rub was so thick it acted almost like a batter, making the chicken drippingly juicy.
Gloriously, drippingly black, the test gun came in a clear acrylic locking case serving as a display case.
(9.) See the reviews written by "Charles Lawton," who refers to More's character as a "butcher;" "Alexandra," who calls More's dialogue and behavior "drippingly evil and snakelike;" and "Craig," who notes that "if you hate Thomas More, you'll love this book."
That means you're hunting in a drippingly humid environment in miserably hot weather.