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SGS will also provide local engineering and calibration services for cold start and drivability assessments.
PaddocK-based Drivability UK is alleged to have taKen used mobility scooters to sell on behalf of the owners - but when the shop closed without warning in March last year they were left out of pocKet.
The vehicle was honoured for its athletic design, high-end performance, practical drivability and class-leading fuel efficiency.
The engine of the Touareg integrates a host of technologies aimed at delivering an optimal balance of performance, exceptional drivability on all terrains and a fuel mileage of 12.
Sale includes 4 lifts including all the necessary equipment and tools needed to provide complete engine overhauls, transmission work, brake and service repairs, drivability diagnostics, clutch repairs, pre-purchase evaluations; on site A/C repair and more
It also gives more drivability in less fuel resulting in less burden on our consumers wallets.
The Lotus-engineered Persona is powered by a Campro engine, which promises smooth drivability and ride comfort.
The all-new Life offers enhanced drivability and comfort with such features as larger windows than its predecessor models and a more spacious cabin that can comfortably accommodate four adults, Honda said.
Continuing a tradition of superior comfort and utility, the new Life offers enhanced drivability and is the first minicar in Japan to include an audio system with a backup camera as standard equipment.
The Automotive Sensors division of PCB Piezotronics released a series of pedal effort load cells for automotive test applications that include brake development, drivability, vehicle handling, and legislative and safety testing.
One of our principal site selection criteria [for NTI] concerns drivability," said Randy Bauler, CEM, AACN corporate relations and exhibits director.
Similarly, the hydrostatic power steering provides for greater drivability and responsiveness on any terrain.