drive time

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drive time

1. The time of day during which commuters go to and from work: interesting radio programming during drive time.
2. The time it takes to drive a specified distance or route: a drive time of 11 hours between Kansas City and Denver.

drive′-time′ adj.

drive′ time`

the rush hour, when commuters listen to car radios: perceived as a source of increased ratings for programs and a consequent increase in advertising revenue.
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NASDAQ: TRFC), the leading provider of personalized traffic information for drivers coast-to-coast, today announced the availability of the TrafficPro[TM] TrafficML Service, the industry's first comprehensive traffic solution that combines historical, and real-time data from a full complement of data sources to provide broad, accurate and quantified, current and forecasted drive time coverage.
RE/MAX First to Launch INRIX Drive Time Service Nationwide
The blending of these proven technologies accelerates the quality of geocoding and drive time / distance to new levels of accuracy," states Guy Larson, President, Primus Geographics.
A simple meeting in Los Angeles for someone here in San Diego may take a full day to accomplish by car, and now costs nearly as much in gas as a flight will, but the real difference is that we can accomplish the mission in one half to one quarter of the drive time.
Also provided with the beta release is dynamic interactive drive editing giving users the ability to instantly create custom drive time information simply by clicking and moving highlighted drives to alternate roadways on the map.
com, you can enter a starting and ending address in the Check Your Drive Time calculator to compare the direct drive with the fastest drive taking into consideration current traffic conditions.
The new station, expected to be 5,000 to 6,000 square feet, will reduce drive time to the Ventura Freeway from 2-1/2 minutes to 30 seconds.
Speaking of Drive Time, Kyle Cantrell, programmer for Sirius/XM Satellite's Bluegrass Junction, says, "Here you hear the fullness of the Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver experience.
Aside from boosting service calls by $5, Austin said he's been trying to better coordinate his regular stops to cut down on drive time - which includes his daily commute into the Valley from his home in Santa Clarita.
A Jam Factor of 7 means the commute time for a given distance will take approximately double the drive time it would take at a roadway's normal speed.
Real estate company is the industry's first to help home buyers and agents assess properties based on actual drive time from home to work based on true traffic conditions
Those seeking a more mellow experience might consider the extra drive time to Bridgeport, home of the state's last two record Browns, and where six Browns exceeding 10 pounds were caught in the first four days of the season a year ago.