drive time

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drive time

1. The time of day during which commuters go to and from work: interesting radio programming during drive time.
2. The time it takes to drive a specified distance or route: a drive time of 11 hours between Kansas City and Denver.

drive′-time′ adj.

drive′ time`

the rush hour, when commuters listen to car radios: perceived as a source of increased ratings for programs and a consequent increase in advertising revenue.
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What ordinarily would take 15 minutes' drive time in rush-hour traffic took an hour and a half or more.
FOR Bob Lingo and Drive Time the Galway festival last month produced contrasting fortunes, with Bob Lingo having his biggest payday when winning the Galway Plate and Drive Time crashing out at the fourth when favourite for the Galway Hurdle.
This version updates the previous version (2009-2010) with the latest available settlement population figures and drive time estimates.
The latter could be joined by last year's winner Blazing Tempo, although she is also in Thursday's Guinness Galway Hurdle alongside Drive Time and Rattan (below).
I HAVE never been a fan of Radio Bahrain's morning Drive Time Show, but I thought, for a change, I would give it a whirl to see if any thought, care or attention had been added to the show structure since the last time I made the mistake of listening.
Last night, the experienced trainer was celebrating a win at Doncaster with one of Mr Wylie's 90 horses, Drive Time, which, he said, proved he has excellent animal husbandry skills.
Claire Hamilton, who currently presents an arts and culture show on Sundays, has been given a new drive time show starting at the end of September.
Unlike Tesco, which has called for a local market to be defined by a 30-minute drive time around a store, Sainsbury's said the Commission should stick to a 10 to 15-minute drive time--but in light of Tesco's dominance it was vital to consider national as well as local aspects.
According to the latest Arbitron RADAR information, radio's largest listening audience comes during morning drive time Monday through Friday (6-10 a.
By going high-cube with a warehouse (made possible by the evolution of forklift technology), companies gain more SKU positions under a smaller footprint, which translates to lower labor costs, reduced energy costs, and less drive time for forklifts.
A table showing the drive time to the games from six key places in Britain gives three hours for the 123 miles from Holyhead.
NYSE: IT and ITB) can be heard during peak commuter drive time on more than 160 radio stations across the United States.