drive train

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 (drīv′trān′) also drive train
The components of an automotive vehicle that connect the transmission with the driving axles and include the universal joint and drive shaft. Also called driveline.

drive′ train`

the power train of an automobile including the components between the engine and driving wheels, as the clutch, driveline, and rear axle.
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Contract notice: Procurement of 13 pieces low-floor articulated buses with diesel engine euro 6 (with a conventional drive train with automatic converter transmission) .
This new control strategy modulates shift points to match optimum operating speed and torque; minimizes torque spikes during shifts; reduces stress on the drive train which increases drivetrain component life; provides greater operator comfort and control, and reduces material spillage.
Our drive train technology is a game-changing opportunity for hybrid propulsion systems, namely in the large merchant shipping sector, where 2-stroke main engines are the preferred type of prime mover.
The MTS NTL represents the state-of-the-art in large drive train and bearing test and simulation," said Dr.
IDS thus provides full and reliable integration of the drive train with different focuses for almost all industries.
said it has developed a large-scale wind power generation system with a hydraulic drive train, aiming to mass produce and market it in 2015.
MHI) commenced test operation at its Yokohama Dockyard & Machinery Works of a large-scale wind power generation system that adopts a hydraulic drive train in place of the earlier gear-driven system.
Each element in the drive train can be changed from a list of mechanically possible alternatives.
Staffordshire-based automotive technology specialist Zytek has won a contract to build and fit the electronic drive train for the second generation Smart For two ED .
Design Optimization in Industrial Robotics: Methods and Algorithms for Drive Train Design, Linkoping University, Linkoping
Constant net horsepower ensures peak engine power is available for the drive train and implements even in high ambient temperatures.
They produce patented drive train products and OEM replacement drive train parts.