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drive time

1. The time of day during which commuters go to and from work: interesting radio programming during drive time.
2. The time it takes to drive a specified distance or route: a drive time of 11 hours between Kansas City and Denver.

drive′-time′ adj.


a. the time of day when many people are driving to or from work, regarded as a broadcasting slot
b. (as modifier): the daily drive-time show.
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Programmes will include Danny Cee's Rude Awakening drive-time breakfast show and Dave Cleary's Loud and Cleary show.
Drive-time listeners at L107 - heralded as Scotland's fastestgrowing radio station - were subjected to "f***", "m***r" and the "n" word during an unscheduled track by rap artist R.
Media'' for sports-talk hosts -- went to the 1540-AM officials Tuesday, almost a week after he had stopped doing his afternoon drive-time show on ``The Ticket.
Paul McKenna returned to his roots in local radio yesterday as he hijacked Metro Radio's drive-time show for a hypnotic 30 minutes.
Penk, who joined the station last year as a drive-time host and was quickly shifted to breakfast time when Evans was axed following prolonged absences, has now been offered his old slot back and given the next few days to think about his response.
These days, though, the power of big-city morning and afternoon drive-time programs to spread the word is catching on, and nationally syndicated shows as well as stations with a decidedly less academic programming niche are turning to authors and books to meet their listeners' increasing demands.
Leamington-born Annie Othen will take over the breakfast show from 6am on Monday, moving from her drive-time slot.
She will go head-to-head with motormouth Today FM anchorman Eamon Dunphy, who presents 'The Last World', in the cut-throat drive-time slot.
He already has a drive-time predictor that factors in historical data from the Georgia Department of Transportation plus weather, population growth figures, calendar dates, and special events such as conventions or ball games, to provide drive-time estimates on a Web site, http://traffic.
show--the country's only drive-time radio program directed at gays, lesbians, and bisexuals--keeps its audience in the fast lane.