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(Automotive Engineering) another word for drivetrain



the components of the power train of an automotive vehicle that are between the transmission and the differential, and generally consist of the drive shaft and universal joint. Compare drive train.
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The couplings are very compact, temperature-resistant and highly versatile, resulting in the highest reliability for drivelines. They also dampen torsional vibrations and torque shocks in the driveline as well as increase the operational stability and service life of construction vehicles.
It specialises in driveline test services and solutions and is a recognised leader in the testing of e-motors and hybrid drivelines, in particular.
The new eAxle is called 'eTwinsterX' and offers three key advantages over conventional electric drivelines. Starting with the design, the integrated coaxial format means that the electric drive (eDrive) unit is significantly smaller than other systems with equivalent power outputs.
Auto Business News-June 20, 2017--Tata Motors to merge with TML Drivelines
The common types of wheel loader drivelines vary depending on their operating weights.
Most treatments of the modeling and control of engines and drivelines take a mechanics and fluid dynamics perspective, but Eriksson and Nielsen approach the matter with a clear perspective of systems engineering and control system development.
"Combining our engineering and technology resources will strengthen our ability to provide customers with leading-edge technology, fuel-efficient solutions and to develop next generation drivelines."
Engines, transmissions, drivelines, heavy-duty axles, hydraulics.
The systematic measures for getting there encompass both optimisation of drivelines and components on the car itself, for instance regarding aerodynamics and rolling resistance.
The agricultural driveline industry is served by a small group of companies that manufacture a large percentage of the drivelines in use.
Amcast manufactures aluminum wheels and other automotive components for engines, brakes, climate control systems, suspensions and drivelines. It also manufactures copper and brass fittings and tubular products for construction and industrial markets.
The new company will manufacture conventional and hydraulic rubber-to-metal components for suspensions and drivelines.