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(Automotive Engineering) another word for drivetrain



the components of the power train of an automotive vehicle that are between the transmission and the differential, and generally consist of the drive shaft and universal joint. Compare drive train.
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GKNs all-new coaxial electric axle system the eTwinsterX is now in the prototype stage, with a working example up-and-running in a demonstrator vehicle at GKN Drivelines Wintertest engineering showcase.
The new eAxle is called 'eTwinsterX' and offers three key advantages over conventional electric drivelines.
Auto Business News-June 20, 2017--Tata Motors to merge with TML Drivelines
Most treatments of the modeling and control of engines and drivelines take a mechanics and fluid dynamics perspective, but Eriksson and Nielsen approach the matter with a clear perspective of systems engineering and control system development.
The new 8,000-square-metre facility at Pune will manufacture products from GKN Drivelines CVJ Systems and TransAxles Solutions product portfolio.
Combining our engineering and technology resources will strengthen our ability to provide customers with leading-edge technology, fuel-efficient solutions and to develop next generation drivelines.
Engines, transmissions, drivelines, heavy-duty axles, hydraulics.
Swedish Saab Automobile, part of Dutch sport-car maker Spyker Cars (AMS: SPYKR), said today it will establish a joint venture with American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings (NYSE:AXL) for the development of electric and hybrid drivelines.
The agricultural driveline industry is served by a small group of companies that manufacture a large percentage of the drivelines in use.
It has double the torque capacity than Rockford's other drivelines and was engineered with a swing diameter greater than 14.
Amcast manufactures aluminum wheels and other automotive components for engines, brakes, climate control systems, suspensions and drivelines.
The new company will manufacture conventional and hydraulic rubber-to-metal components for suspensions and drivelines.