driver's license

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driv′er's li`cense

a permit, as one issued by a state's motor vehicle bureau, that allows the holder to drive a motor vehicle on public roads.
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Noun1.driver's license - a license authorizing the bearer to drive a motor vehicle
license, permit, licence - a legal document giving official permission to do something
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driver’s license

n (US) → Führerschein m
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(draiv) past tense drove (drouv) : past participle driven (ˈdrivn) verb
1. to control or guide (a car etc). Do you want to drive (the car), or shall I?
2. to take, bring etc in a car. My mother is driving me to the airport.
3. to force or urge along. Two men and a dog were driving a herd of cattle across the road.
4. to hit hard. He drove a nail into the door; He drove a golf-ball from the tee.
5. to cause to work by providing the necessary power. This mill is driven by water.
1. a journey in a car, especially for pleasure. We decided to go for a drive.
2. a private road leading from a gate to a house etc. The drive is lined with trees.
3. energy and enthusiasm. I think he has the drive needed for this job.
4. a special effort. We're having a drive to save electricity.
5. in sport, a hard stroke (with a golf-club, a cricket bat etc).
6. (computers) a disk drive.
ˈdriver noun
a person who drives a car etc. a bus-driver.
ˈdriver's license noun
(American) a driving licence.
ˈdrive-in adjective
(of a cinema, café etc, especially in North America) catering for people who remain in their cars while watching a film, eating etc. a drive-in movie.
ˈdrive-through adjective
that one may drive through (and do something without getting out of the car). a drivethrough bank/restaurant/zoo.
ˈdriving licence noun
a licence for driving a road vehicle.
be driving at
to be trying to say or suggest. I don't know what you're driving at.
drive off
1. to leave or go away in a car etc. He got into a van and drove off.
2. to keep away. to drive off flies.
3. in golf, to make the first stroke from the tee.
drive on
1. to carry on driving a car etc. Drive on – we haven't time to stop!
2. to urge strongly forward. It was ambition that drove him on.
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driver's license

رُخْصَةُ القِيَادَة řidičský průkaz kørekort Führerschein δίπλωμα οδήγησης licencia de conducción, permiso de conducción ajokortti permis de conduire vozačka dozvola patente di guida 運転免許証 운전 면허증 rijbewijs førerkort prawo jazdy carta de condução, carteira de habilitação водительские права körkort ใบขับขี่ sürücü ehliyeti bằng lái xe 驾照
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'They have a statutory responsibility of ensuring that they obtain a class A driver's license ride a tricycle or motorcycle.
Most people in the US use state-issued driver's license as their main identity card.
The driver's license agreement came into effect on Wednesday (May 8) after Eric Huang, director-general of Taiwan's representative office in Chicago, on behalf of the country's transportation authorities, signed the reciprocal deal with Peter Lacy, commissioner of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
"Driver's licenses for these communities is an achievement," said Josefina Catalan, a troupe member from Minneapolis who danced at the Capitol.
But a federal overhaul of state driver's licenses could give Oregon the chance to grant driving privileges to Alvarez and the state's estimated 100,000 undocumented immigrants.
Police said they were also looking into the possibility that Adecer is using a fake driver's license. The actor presented two driver's licenses following his arrest, according to Simon.
'Hindi na kailangang bumiyahe nang malayo ang ating mga kababayan para lamang kumuha ng driver's license o mag-renew ng lisensya nila.
But as improbable as it may seem, the Land Transportation Office (LTO), a government agency once known for mountain heaps of driver's license and plate number backlogs -- made what seemed impossible yesterday -- possible.
Several members said some of the offices are the only ones in rural counties and serve low-income people who would unfairly shoulder the burden of having to drive long distances to a neighboring county's driver's license office.
brMost of the officials, who were sitting in the driver's seat of their vehicles, when questioned by the reporter, answered that they did not have their licenses with them at the time.A number of officials also said that they had "left their driver's licenses at home", when they were asked by the reporter to show theirlicenses to him.
Keeping Identities safe (KIDS), DBA The Coalition for a Secure Driver's License (CSDL) is a 501 (c) (3) non-partisan, not for profit, crime prevention, education charity, supported by donor contributions from across the United States.
On 29 August 2017, the new driver's license system was implemented in Manila, the company said.