driver's seat

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driv·er's seat

A position of control or authority.

driv′er's seat`

1. the seat from which a vehicle is operated.
2. a position of power, dominance, or superiority.
References in classic literature ?
I went in again, according to my promise, to get my servant's box, lugged it out, clapped it beside her on the tail of the dog cart, and then caught the reins and jumped up into the driver's seat beside my wife.
And gathering up the leather reins fastened together by a brass ring, Nikita took the driver's seat and started the impatient horse over the frozen manure which lay in the yard, towards the gate.
He spoke no word to the slave sitting in the driver's seat.
Graham would not allow - the young widow and her son alighted, relinquishing the driver's seat to Rose; and I persuaded Eliza to take the latter's place.
What had shocked her to consciousness of herself was a young man in the driver's seat of a touring car standing at the curb.
Beyond Albany they came upon a motor car with a tyre burst and a young woman sitting absolutely passive beside the driver's seat.
Inside, the driver's seat was covered in shattered glass and the keys hadn't been removed from the ignition.
Ending his first full season in the State Ballet of Missouri driver's seat, artistic director William Whitener steered prudently through a program of two new works of his own choreography.
At the top of the range is the $24,819 GLE, with automatic climate control, alarm system, keyless entry, CD player, leather upholstery, power driver's seat and automatic transmission.
In a new report titled Driver's Seat Still Open - A Closer Look at Logistics eMarketplaces, IDC analyzes the developments in the B2B transportation emarketplace and profiles the key service providers emerging in this space.
In the Auto ABS Driver's Seat - Fourth Quarter 2010, Feb.
Premium options include leather seating surfaces, leather-trimmed multifunction steering wheel, wood decor, ambiance lighting, memory driver's seat, power passenger seat, a choice of Volkswagen's RNS 315 or RNS 510 navigation systems, front fog lights with static cornering lights, and keyless access with push button start.